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  1. plural of Christianity
    • 2003, Daniel Boyarin, Sparks of the Logos: Essays in Rabbinic Hermeneutics Essays in Rabbinic Hermeneutics, page vii:
      This book constitutes the record of an intellectual development over a decade that was crucial in my scholarship, a decade that... with arguing for the ongoing creative interaction of nascent Christianities and Judaisms throughout the late antique period, and even beyond.
    • 2001, Steven Fanning, Mystics of the Christian Tradition, page 1:
      This dichotomy represents the two different though intimately related Christianities that coexist uneasily within each other.
    • 1991, Jacob Neusner, Rabbinic Political Theory: Religion and Politics in the Mishnah, page 173:
      Few other system builders who focused upon the social order within the Judaisms and Christianities of the first three centuries of the common era sustainedly and systematically asked political questions at all.