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Translingual citations of

Punctuation mark: indicates ranges[edit]

English citations

  • 1998: John Stephens and Robyn McCallum, Retelling Stories, Framing Culture: Traditional Story and Metanarratives in Children’s Literature, page 182 (Routledge; ISBN 9780815312987)
    Argent the capitalist, Leeson implies, much more overtly than was possible for Stevenson, who lacked the benefit of hindsight which informs Leeson’s latetwentieth-century text, that capitalism is a form of piracy.

Punctuation mark: indicates items in a list[edit]

English citations

  • 2012, Alexander Mehler, Laurent Romary, Handbook of Technical Communication, Walter de Gruyter, ISBN 9783110224948, page 363:
    a language sub tag⁴ like “en” (“English”), expressing information about the language.
    an optional script sub tag like “Cyrl” (“Cyrillic script”).
    an optional region sub tag like “AT” (“Austria”).