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See also: [U+2010 HYPHEN], - [U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS], [U+2212 MINUS SIGN], [U+2014 EM DASH], [U+2015 HORIZONTAL BAR], and [U+4E00 CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-4E00]

U+2013, –

General Punctuation
U+FE32, ︲

CJK Compatibility Forms


Punctuation mark[edit]

(English name en dash) (Alt + 0150)

  1. Indicates ranges.
    610 yearssix to ten years
  2. Indicates items in a list.
    Things to buy:
    Toilet paper
  3. Indicates a quotation or a line of dialogue.
    Could you direct me to the bus station?
    It's just on your right at the end of the road.


For quotations using this term, see Citations:–.

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  1. Used in a compound term when the constituent parts are already hyphenated.
    high-priorityhigh-pressure tasks
  2. Used to hide letters
    Gd for God
  3. Used to connect compound terms with the sense of "to" or to show a relationship
    The BostonWashington race
    bloodbrain barrier
  4. Used to connect a spaced or hyphenated term.
    • 2005, Tara Ariano, Adam Sternbergh, “The Suburbs”, in Hey! It’s That Guy!: The Guide to Character Actors, Philadelphia, Pa.: Quirk Books, →ISBN, →LCCN, section “Celia Weston: Hey! It’s That Vintage Southern Belle/Lockjawed New England Matriarch!”, page 212:
      The last of these, [K-PAX,] in fact, is practically a parody of all blowsy Southern dames; [Celia] Weston plays a Miss Havishamesque hospital inmate who, in her dementia, still makes up her face and puts on her costume jewelry and sets her table as if eternally expecting a gentleman caller.
    • 2006, Alison Culliford, Night+Day Paris (Cool Cities), Pulse Guides, →ISBN, page 59:
      The glass doors open and you are greeted by a walkie-talkiecarrying personal assistant in a Star Trekish designer black tracksuit who whisks you to a pod seating booth in the bar.
    • 2008 September 17, Kimberly Chun, “No castaways here: We drool over these Treasure Island jewels”, in The San Francisco Bay Guardian, volume 42, number 51, section “Mike Relm”, page 28:
      With Reservoir Dogslike skinny-tie suavitude and fleet fingers on his editing gear, the SF mix-maestro mashes up songs and sights with the smarts of a pop-cultie compulsive. Can we expect more of the same Clown Alleystyle burger-’n’-vino fun with Spectacle, his studio debut on his own Radio Fryer label?
    • 2017, Holly Hughes, Best Food Writing 2017:
      Then it’s filled egg rollstyle with Mexican rice, beans (black, pinto, sometimes refried), salsa, and some chopped or shredded meat (carnitas, grilled or stewed chicken, carne asada, or offally things like tongue, chitterlings, or brains).
    • 2018, Dotty Griffith, The Ultimate Tortilla Press Cookbook, page 116:
      The Tex-Mexstyle chalupas I’m most familiar with are built on flat, crisp-fried corn tortillas.
    • 2020, Shawn Stevenson, Eat Smarter: Use the Power of Food to Reboot Your Metabolism, Upgrade Your Brain, and Transform Your Life, Little, Brown Spark, published 2021, →ISBN:
      Plus, today there is a wide array of nondairy yogurt options, from coconut milk to oat milkbased, and more.


  • (hide letters): (hyphen)



  1. Used to replace two zeroes after the decimal point in monetary values in running text (in tables, the em dash is used).
    Dieses Gerät kostet 12,– DM.
  2. Used to replace a zero before the decimal point, i. e. for monetary values below 1.
    Diese Packung Milch kostet –,89 DM.