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See also: [U+2215 DIVISION SLASH] and / [U+002F SOLIDUS]

U+2044, ⁄

General Punctuation





  1. (mathematics) Used to separate the numerator from the denominator in fractions.
    1⁄2 of 10 is 5

Usage notes


In an Open Type font, the Unicode character U+2044 FRACTION SLASH triggers a preceding string of ASCII digits to display as numerators, and a string of following digits to display as denominators (e.g. 123⁄456). Compare U+2215 DIVISION SLASH, , which triggers no such behavior (e.g. 123∕456).

Any non-digit character will terminate the fraction. Thus to display a mixed fraction such as 1⁤1⁄12 (1 + 1⁄12), a non-printing character such as U+2064 INVISIBLE PLUS may be used.

For other variants of the virgule / forward slash, see U+002F SOLIDUS, /.



For quotations using this term, see Citations:/.

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