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question mark (plural question marks)

  1. (typography) The punctuation mark?⟩, used at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.
  2. (figuratively, informal) A state of doubt or uncertainty.
    There’s a question mark over whether or not he’ll be fit for the next game.
    • 25 July 2018, A.A Dowd, AV Club Fallout may be the most breathlessly intense Mission: Impossible adventure yet[1]
      For a while, the biggest question mark of allegiance is August Walker (Henry Cavill, subverting his man-of-steel screen presence), the brutish CIA tagalong feeding his superiors the theory that Hunt may really be going rogue after years of being left out in the cold by his handlers.
    • 2011 April 11, Phil McNulty, “Liverpool 3 - 0 Man City”, in BBC Sport[2]:
      Dirk Kuyt sandwiched a goal in between Carroll's double as City endured a night of total misery, with captain Carlos Tevez limping off early on with a hamstring strain that puts a serious question mark over his participation in Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United at Wembley.



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