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end +‎ point


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endpoint (plural endpoints)

  1. Either of the two points at the ends of a line segment.
  2. (speech recognition) The point in speech at which an utterance ends.
  3. (biology, medicine) A defined occurrence during the observation period of an experiment or study.
  4. (chemistry) The stage in a titration at which a change in the colour of an indicator indicates that no more titrant should be added.
  5. (networking, telecommunications) The entity at one end of a connection.
  6. (programming) Part of a system that serves as a hook, allowing third-party code to intercept and modify behaviour at that point.
  7. (mathematics) Either of the two nodes of a graph of degree 1.

Alternative forms[edit]




endpoint (third-person singular simple present endpoints, present participle endpointing, simple past and past participle endpointed)

  1. Of a speech recognition system: to detect the endpoint of an utterance.
  2. (chemistry) To determine an endpoint in a titration process.

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