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English citations of -ception

Suffix: "a suffix combined with a noun to indicate a layering, nesting, or recursion of the thing in question"[edit]

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  • 2012, Matt Heiden, "A translating tool for the modern 'convo'", The Schreiber Times (Paul D. Schreiber High School), Volume 62, Number 6, 17 February 2012, page 14:
    As in: You know those Russian dolls, within a Russian doll, within a Russian doll. It's Doll-ception, man!
  • 2012, Emma Moore, "Sweets for the Sweet", Blue & Gold (International School of Belgrade), May 2012, page 1:
    “It’s a ‘play-ception’ (referring to the movie Inception) with a lot of audience interaction that is very funny”. To clarify, Shahaf Shay said “It’s a play within a play”.
  • 2012, Timothy Morrise, "Reviewer previews his top picks for fall movie season", University Journal (Southern Utah University), 10 September 2012, page 6:
    Adapted from David Mitchell's novel of the same name, Cloud Atlas is a story-ception; a post apocalyptic campfire story about a guy watching a movie in which someone reads a novel whose main character follows a series of letters.
  • 2012, Nathan Fisher, "Lazy writing leads to forgettable 'Words'", The Pioneer (Whitman College), 13 September 2012, page 4:
    “The Words” offers too many “stories,” and this “bookception” fails to offer a seamless serious drama.
  • 2012, Rachel Stuart, "When words fail", Indiana Daily Student (Indiana University), 13 September 2012, page 8:
    The old man who wrote and lost the stories eventually confronts Jansen, forcing him to face his plagiarism. Cue “bookception” number three as we learn of the complicated love story behind those words.
  • 2012, Rob Marvin, "Unimaginative plot wastes talented cast on dull, plodding story", The Daily Orange (Syracuse University), 20 September 2012, page 15:
    This wishy-washy literary thriller is masquerading as a “book-ception” of sorts, with incessant narration and a heavy-handed score just as cliched as its plot.
  • 2012, Maura Breen, "Latest play presents challenge for actors", Tan & Cardinal (Otterbein University), Volume 94, Issue 5, 26 September 2012, page 4 (image caption):
    Playception: Each actor must portray a character playing another character.
  • 2012, Timothy Morrise, "Movies good for the post-holiday crowd", University Journal (Southern Utah University), 26 November 2012, page 5:
    Each one is nestled carefully in a different layer, a “story-ception” if you will.
  • 2013, Kelly Herman, "Footception: A Review", Campus Talk, November 2013, page 9:
    Seen any horrendous foodceptions you just can't wrap your head around (like pasta burritos)?