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From the 2010 science fiction film Inception, in which a team of people infiltrate someone’s subconscious mind, proceeding through several layers of dreams.



  1. (slang) Combined with a noun to indicate a layering, nesting, or recursion of the thing in question.
    • 2012, Timothy Morrise, "Reviewer previews his top picks for fall movie season", University Journal (Southern Utah University), 10 September 2012, page 6:
      Adapted from David Mitchell's novel of the same name, Cloud Atlas is a story-ception; a post apocalyptic campfire story about a guy watching a movie in which someone reads a novel whose main character follows a series of letters.
    • 2012, Maura Breen, "Latest play presents challenge for actors", Tan & Cardinal (Otterbein University), Volume 94, Issue 5, 26 September 2012, page 4 (image caption):
      Playception: Each actor must portray a character playing another character.
    • 2013, Kelly Herman, "Foodception: A Review", Campus Talk, November 2013, page 9:
      Seen any horrendous foodceptions you just can't wrap your head around (like pasta burritos)?
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