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English citations of Betty Boop

A fictional female entertainer introduced in 1930s cartoons, characterized by a high-pitched singing and speaking voice, short and curly black hair, and sexually provocative clothing, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

  1. 1997, David Howard Day, A Treasure Hard to Attain: Images of Archaeology in Popular Film, page 89:
    A feminist she is not, and we see her with many a Betty Boop look of horror as her two loutish pals make matchsticks out of every piece of barroom furniture in sight.
  2. 2002, Catherine Orenstein, Little Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale, page 192:
    He sits astride a motorcycle and fingers the hem of a bright red dress worn by a pert, blonde, cherry-lipped model. Her mouth is open in a Betty Boop "ooh."
  3. 2005, Stephanie Lehmann, Are You in the Mood?, page 188:
    She had straight black hair with a Betty Boop bob cut and ruby red sweetheart lips.
  4. 2007, James Fitzgerald, The Joys of Smoking Cigarettes, page 22:
    Betty: Shall we? (Her voice has now assumed a Betty Boop pitch.)
  5. 2010, Marisa Meltzer, Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, page 75:
    Thirty years old when the song came out, Lauper was playacting at being a girl — and the ultimate girl, at that — with her Betty Boop voice and crazy dress-up outfits.