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English citations of absitively, absotively, and absatively

  • 1917 November, Green, Fitzhugh, “Amusing Fifty Thousand Men: Another Avenue for Government Control”, in J. W. Greenslade, editor, United States Naval Institute Proceedings, volume 43, number 11, page 2538:
    It may be tiresome, but calculate this celluloid Klondike: Any old reels will do, comedies, tragedies, weekly reviews (dating back to the fall of Sumter)—“posalutely absatively” anything will do!
  • 1919, MacFarlane, Peter Clark, The Exploits of Bilge and Ma, Boston: Little, Brown, & Company, LCCN 19014798, OL 6618956M, page 108:
    Curfew absitively must not ring!
  • 1919, England, George Allen, Keep Off the Grass, Boston: Small, Maynard & Company, LCCN 19010469, OL 6617274M, ch. VII, page 94:
    His heart being weak, of course they couldn't draft him, but anyhow they just absitively insisted on his going to work.
  • 1920 September, “Style and Stability (advertisement)”, in The Rotarian, volume 17, number 3, page 159:
    That is one of the twelve reasons why Charlotte Diners are absotively the best little old dining chairs produced in this Land of the Free—and Prohibition has nothing to do with it.
  • 1925, Cohen, Octavus Roy, Bigger and Blacker, Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, LCCN 25009513, OL 6677250M:
    “I is sad; absotively mis'able. What you reckon kind of pitcher they is takin' down there?”
  • 1973 March 11, “Major Fred C. Dobbs”, in M*A*S*H[1], season 1, episode 22:
    "Colonel Blake has okayed my transfer."
    "You're serious, Frank. You're leaving."
    "Gee, Frank, this place won't seem the same without you. It'll be terrific."
  • 1977, Paul Mitchell, William Bell (music), “I Absotively, Posolutely Love You”, in Comin' Back for More, performed by William Bell:
    I absotively, posolutely love ya, baby / I absotively, posolutely love ya, yeah / No bout a-doubt it / I can't live without it
  • 1991 October 3, “When Flanders Failed”, in The Simpsons, season 3, episode 3:
    Shopper: Could you validate my parking?
    Ned Flanders: Absotively posilutely!
  • 1994, Heller, Joseph, Closing Time, →ISBN, LCCN 94020604, OL 1096036M:
    Absotively, Admiral Dewey?” “Posilutely, General Grant.”
  • 1994, Marcinko, Richard, Rogue Warrior II: Red Cell, New York: Pocket Books, →ISBN, OL 20939336M:
    Worthingham Washington Lewis told me he was absatively, posolutely ready for us: “We've got the scenario, and my men are raring to go, Captain.”
  • 1999, Anderson, Poul, Operation Luna, New York: Tor, →ISBN, OL 37402M, page 104:
    “Posolutely and absitively not.”
  • 2001, MHz (music), “Absotively Posolutely”, in Table Scraps[2], performed by MHz feat. Copywrite:
    We're absotively posolutely sure we got the cure for the common rhyme at the beat in time.
  • 2001 October 23, Anthony, Piers, Swell Foop, New York: Tor, →ISBN, OL 3949835M, page 15:
    Absotively posilutely not! I am supposed to haul your donkey rear across this fetid pool of snot, and I shall do it if it vetoes us all.”
  • 2005, Gaiman, Neil, Anansi Boys, →ISBN, OL 23274122M, page 278:
    “No. Absatively out of the question.”
  • 2010, Clint Lagerberg, Craig Wiseman (music), “Almost Alright”, in Hillbilly Bone, performed by Blake Shelton:
    I'm absotively, posolutely, almost alright