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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of positively +‎ absolutely


posilutely (not comparable)

  1. (informal, humorous or childish) Positively and absolutely.
    • 1922 June, Fitzhugh, Percy K., “Roy Blakely's Bee-Line Hike”, in Boys' Life, volume 12, number 6, ISSN 0006-8608, page 19:
      “Anyway, we're not trespassing now,” Hunt put in. “Posilutely not,” I said.
    • 1994, Heller, Joseph, Closing Time, →ISBN, LCCN 94020604, OL 1096036M:
      “Absotively, Admiral Dewey?” “Posilutely, General Grant.”
    • 1998, Kornfeld, Lewis, The Pheromone Factor: Twenty-Five Short Stories:
      "No way, madam, it's posilutely confidential," I chuckled.
    • For more quotations using this term, see Citations:posilutely.

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