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English citations of posilutely, posolutely, and posalutely

  • 1917 November, Green, Fitzhugh, “Amusing Fifty Thousand Men: Another Avenue for Government Control”, in J. W. Greenslade, editor, United States Naval Institute Proceedings, volume 43, number 11, page 2538:
    It may be tiresome, but calculate this celluloid Klondike: Any old reels will do, comedies, tragedies, weekly reviews (dating back to the fall of Sumter)—“posalutely absatively” anything will do!
  • 1922 June, Fitzhugh, Percy K., “Roy Blakely's Bee-Line Hike”, in Boys' Life, volume 12, number 6, ISSN 0006-8608, page 19:
    “Anyway, we're not trespassing now,” Hunt put in. “Posilutely not,” I said.
  • 1977, Paul Mitchell, William Bell (music), “I Absotively, Posolutely Love You”, in Comin' Back for More, performed by William Bell:
    I absotively, posolutely love ya, baby / I absotively, posolutely love ya, yeah / No bout a-doubt it / I can't live without it
  • 1991 October 3, “When Flanders Failed”, in The Simpsons, season 3, episode 3:
    Shopper: Could you validate my parking?
    Ned Flanders: Absotively posilutely!
  • 1994, Heller, Joseph, Closing Time, ISBN 9780671746049, LCCN 94020604, OL 1096036M:
    “Absotively, Admiral Dewey?” “Posilutely, General Grant.”
  • 1994, Marcinko, Richard, Rogue Warrior II: Red Cell, New York: Pocket Books, ISBN 9780671799571, OL 20939336M:
    Worthingham Washington Lewis told me he was absatively, posolutely ready for us: “We've got the scenario, and my men are raring to go, Captain.”
  • 1998, Kornfeld, Lewis, The Pheromone Factor: Twenty-Five Short Stories:
    "No way, madam, it's posilutely confidential," I chuckled.
  • 1999, Anderson, Poul, Operation Luna, New York: Tor, ISBN 9780312867065, OL 37402M, page 104:
    Posolutely and absitively not.”
  • 2001, MHz (music), “Absotively Posolutely”, in Table Scraps[1], performed by MHz feat. Copywrite:
    We're absotively posolutely sure we got the cure for the common rhyme at the beat in time.
  • 2010, Clint Lagerberg, Craig Wiseman (music), “Almost Alright”, in Hillbilly Bone, performed by Blake Shelton:
    I'm absotively, posolutely, almost alright