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English citations of actorfic

Noun: "(countable, fandom slang) a fanfic focusing on the imagined activities of a real actor or actors"[edit]

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  • 2000 March 26, ^i'm_an_angel^ [username], “Re: Decency question”, in, Usenet[1]:
    Isn't it ironic that I'm wanting to cast a tabloid journalist in an actorfic?
  • 2000 May 3, pam, “metafic vs. actorfic Re: HAD question - "actor-fic"”, in, Usenet[2]:
    I *hate* it when metafics (like "The Round Files" and any number of other excellent stories) get lumped in and condemned along with actorfics (like "Homewrecker" or "The Murder of Tea Leoni" or whatever it was called).
  • 2000 May 5, Parenthetic [username], “Re: HAD question - "actor-fic"”, in, Usenet[3]:
    To me, actorfic would include any fic wherein there is an acknowledgement (even if they are in jokes) that DD and GA have something to do with M & S, which would make HAD an actorfic.
  • 2001 October 27, ascem [username], “Newbie”, in alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, Usenet[4]:
    However recentley[sic] I read an actorfic tittled[sic] Turning Point by lzclotho. It was about a love affair between Kate/Jeri on the Voyager set.
  • 2002 September 15, J. Juls, “RE: problems”, in alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, Usenet[5]:
    Somebody could put an actorfic under the show title or put an NC-17 story and rate it R.
  • 2003 March 4, pam, “Re: Long time gone, any recs?”, in, Usenet[6]:
    Short of actual actorfics (which don't seem to have reared their ugly heads mych[sic] recently), now & in the past, most references I've noticed tend to be harmless humourous little injokes in which, say, M or S discovers an old magazine in which the other appears in an embarassing[sic] photo identical to one of DD or GA's.

Noun: "(uncountable, fandom slang) such fan fiction collectively"[edit]

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  • 2000 March 26, Jintian Li, “Re: Decency question”, in, Usenet[7]:
    I think your efforts might be better rewarded by trying to finish that and making it the best X-Files story you can, instead of writing actorfic which, by my definition, is *not* X-Files fanfic.
  • 2000 July 14, shanswordnospam [username], “Re: ActorFic: adore it, deplore it, or ignore it?”, in, Usenet[8]:
    Actorfic is sick, sick, sick. You're making up stories about real people. These are REAL people you're hurting.
  • 2000 October 29, Kate Bolin, “Re: META: A FAQ for .creative?”, in, Usenet[9]:
    I can see actorfic being posted to private mailing lists, but this is *such* a public forum, and like how fanfiction isn't posted to atbvs and ata, actorfic (which is, in a way, a discussion about the actor) shouldn't be posted here, for essentially the same reason.
  • 2000 December 21, Kim, “Re: Doggett- Who cares?”, in, Usenet[10]:
    When people sneer at your choice to read actorfic ("Gillian Loves David" fic) you say "It's my freedom to read actorfic, you can't take it away."
  • 2003 March 6, SubRosa [username], “Re: Long time gone, any recs?”, in, Usenet[11]:
    I don't think anyone here is likely to argue in support of actorfic, but how to define it is an interesting question. To me, actorfic/realperson fic is a creepy violation of the individual's privacy.
  • 2005 May 5, Laura Hale, “Re: Star Trek Actorfic”, in alt.startrek.creative, Usenet[12]:
    I've seen the occasional thing... and I know it is out there... but the suggestion I saw sort of implied that actorfic was more prevelant[sic] in the Star Trek fan fiction community.
  • 2007, Kristin Thompson, The Frodo Franchise: The Lord of the Rings and Modern Hollywood, University of California Press (2007), →ISBN, page 179:
    An early article on Slate, otherwise sympathetic to slash fiction, declared that "actorfic" violated fanfic's basic principle of being fantasy: "Writers risk enraging straight actors. Slash infuriates actors even when it focuses only on fictional characters."