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actor +‎ fic


actorfic (countable and uncountable, plural actorfics)

  1. (countable, fandom slang) A fanfic focusing on the imagined activities of a real actor or actors.
    • 2000 May 5, Parenthetic [username], “Re: HAD question - "actor-fic"”, in, Usenet[1]:
      To me, actorfic would include any fic wherein there is an acknowledgement (even if they are in jokes) that DD and GA have something to do with M & S, which would make HAD an actorfic.
    • 2002 September 15, J. Juls, “RE: problems”, in alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, Usenet[2]:
      Somebody could put an actorfic under the show title or put an NC-17 story and rate it R.
    • 2003 March 4, pam, “Re: Long time gone, any recs?”, in, Usenet[3]:
      Short of actual actorfics (which don't seem to have reared their ugly heads mych[sic] recently), now & in the past, most references I've noticed tend to be harmless humourous[sic] little injokes in which, say, M or S discovers an old magazine in which the other appears in an embarassing[sic] photo identical to one of DD or GA's.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:actorfic.
  2. (uncountable, fandom slang) Such fan fiction collectively.
    • 2000 March 26, Jintian Li, “Re: Decency question”, in, Usenet[4]:
      I think your efforts might be better rewarded by trying to finish that and making it the best X-Files story you can, instead of writing actorfic which, by my definition, is *not* X-Files fanfic.
    • 2005 May 5, Laura Hale, “Re: Star Trek Actorfic”, in alt.startrek.creative, Usenet[5]:
      I've seen the occasional thing... and I know it is out there... but the suggestion I saw sort of implied that actorfic was more prevelant[sic] in the Star Trek fan fiction community.
    • 2007, Kristin Thompson, The Frodo Franchise: The Lord of the Rings and Modern Hollywood, University of California Press (2007), →ISBN, page 179:
      An early article on Slate, otherwise sympathetic to slash fiction, declared that "actorfic" violated fanfic's basic principle of being fantasy: "Writers risk enraging straight actors. Slash infuriates actors even when it focuses only on fictional characters."