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English citations of al desko

Adverb: "at a desk (typically used of eating)"[edit]

1981 1993 1994 1997 1998 2004 2005
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  • 1981 — Stephanie Mansfield, "The Last Memo", The Washington Post, 30 January 1981:
    Lunches usually consist of cold sandwiches consumed al desko.
  • 1993 — Tony Gabrielle, "Whining and Dining With a Computer", Daily Press, 4 March 1993:
    However, there is another office innovation that creates a problem when dining al desko.
  • 1994 — "Workers Are Increasingly In To Lunch", Philadelphia Daily News, 29 March 1994:
    The number of folks who have taken to dining al desko is causing some new problems in the workplace.
  • 1997 — "Ahead of the Curve", Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 30 June 1997:
    Busy professionals in the area say they welcome the new retailer and figure to hit the deli for lunch al-desko often.
  • 1998InfoWorld, 2 March 1998, page 27 (ad copy):
    Looks like another night of dining al desko.
  • 2004 — Alex Elgar, "Dining 'Al desko'”, The CB Friday, 12 November 2004:
    A recent study published in a British daily claimed that dining ‘al desko’ was fast becoming the new norm for office workers.
  • 2005 — Chris Lloyd, "A regal twist to a Real mystery, The Northern Echo, 18 June 2005:
    I learn that because so many people now dine al-desko, the average desktop contains 400 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat.
  • 2005 — Ralph Berrier Jr., "Dining al desko," The Roanoke Times, 19 October 2005:
    A recent survey by the American Dietetic Association revealed that 67 percent of Americans eat lunch at their desks, a lunchtime phenomenon that office workers have dubbed "dining al desko."