al desko

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An adaptation of alfresco, incorporating desk.


al desko (not comparable)

  1. (humorous) At a desk (typically used of eating).
    • 1981, Stephanie Mansfield, "The Last Memo", The Washington Post, 30 January 1981:
      Lunches usually consist of cold sandwiches consumed al desko.
    • 1994, "Workers Are Increasingly In To Lunch", Philadelphia Daily News, 29 March 1994:
      The number of folks who have taken to dining al desko is causing some new problems in the workplace.
    • 2004, Alex Elgar, "Dining 'Al desko'”, The CB Friday, 12 November 2004:
      A recent study published in a British daily claimed that dining ‘al desko’ was fast becoming the new norm for office workers.


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