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English citations of an hero

Verb: "(Internet, slang) to commit suicide"[edit]

2009 2012 2013
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  • 2009 May 9, henri, “Re: NOMINATION - Bill Jillians/"<p>sychotic <c>hicken" For KotM & CotM .. (was) Re: hey guys ... anyone want in on a flame war I'm starting between 2 groups”, in, Usenet[1]:
    So an hero already.
  • 2012, Parmy Olson, We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency, Little, Brown and Company (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    It soon became a trend on 4chan to describe someone as “an hero”—before it morphed into the verb form: “I'm going to an hero.”
  • 2013, Trevor James Zaple, Disappearance, Lulu (2013), →ISBN, Chapter 1:
    So I’m going to an hero on webcam he continued typing and I’ll post the link to the stream in a second.

Noun: "(Internet, slang) one who commits suicide"[edit]

2007 2008 2009 2010 2012
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  • 2007 January 7, OnsenMark, “Re: free iPod”, in, Usenet[2]:
    Just make sure you don't become an hero over it. o.o
  • 2007 August 10, the_boy_blunder [username], “Fiddildy Fucking Dee, it's enough to make you not want to kill yourself”, in, Usenet[3]:
    In the clip, Dave Mustaine (our hero of the story, yet not yet "an hero") is shown recording "Through the Darkest Hour" a song about wanting to kill yourself because your bird left you.
  • 2008 October 13, Onideus Mad Hatter, “Re: Republicans: Nancy Pelosi Was Mean To Us - Petty Sissies Vote No”, in alt.2600, Usenet[4]:
    Oh well, with any luck when his balls finally drop in a few years he'll realize how much of a fucking waste of oxygen he is and will do the right thing and become "an hero".
  • 2008 December 24, Alex Clark, “Re: Tom Cruise on Kimmel last night”, in alt.religion.scientology, Usenet[5]:
    Some of us were beginning to think you'd made yourself into "an hero" for Christmas, but I always knew you'd be back.
  • 2009 July 9, Rev. Anna Dynamite, “Re: for windows XP users”, in alt.slack, Usenet[6]:
    What else did they tell you? I hope becoming an hero wasn't another suggestion of theirs.
  • 2009 August 22, ., “BECOMING AN HERO”, in, Usenet[7]:
    I like how I can tell someone that I want to become an hero and they have no idea that I'm talking about suicide.
  • 2010 February 20, Pisces, “Re: From your high epopt: All Austrian SubGenii may be reinstated to alt.slack by recruitment of one new member.”, in alt.slack, Usenet[8]:
    It is clear the boring one is the one who is, just above, making the accusation of being boring. It is also clear that the gentleman in question, (the one who has a very high lipid content) is without companionship.
    It has been said this type of gentleman is a prime candidate for the status of "an hero". This "an hero" status might even bring the lipid coated person fame if said person were to "DIAF"
  • 2010 September 13, Don Kresch, “Re: IMF Chief: "Stimulus spending was the key for containing the crisis"”, in, Usenet[9]:
    >Is there anything I can do to improve myself?
    Well, you could always become an hero.
  • 2012 February 15, Buster Norris, “How sick, and how much of a LOSER must one be to . . .”, in alt.politics, Usenet[10]:
    The guy is pathetic.
    Maybe when Obama wins again he will become an hero.