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English citations of anarchy

  • Absence of government
    • 2004, "As Somalia's new government prepares to return to restore order after years of anarchy, the BBC News website's Joseph Winter reports from Mogadishu on life with no central control. Somalia is the only country in the world where there is no government." Living in Somalia's anarchy BBC News Online
  • Political disorder or confusion
    • 1771 " … and he expected that the kingdom, at last sensible of the miseries of anarchy, would, like a froward child, hushed with its own importunities, settle into its former tranquil constitution." — Oliver Goldsmith, The history of England, from the earliest times to the death of George ii, p. 296
    • 1994, "The classic description of what has come to be known as the Anarchy of King Stephen's reign is that provided by the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It saw a weak kingship manifested in the breakdown of public order." — Lowell King, Edmund King, The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign →ISBN, p. 1
    • 2005, "The scenes of anarchy and helplessness following national disaster on the US Gulf coast has provoked a great deal of hand-wringing in the US press." — Press blames anarchy on rescue delays BBC News Online
    • 2006, "Mr Perry added: 'Self help remedies must be controlled because they can degenerate into anarchy.'" — Anarchy warning on protest claim, BBC news online
  • Absence of power or authority
    • 1747 "Nay further; a sufficient number of honest brave men, if they were not directed by some head … would become a prey even to a small number of less bravery who were united in their counsels … observing these inconveniences of a state of anarchy, fell upon this as the only remedy …" — Francis Hutcheson A short introduction to moral philosophy, Book III p. 282
    • 1986, "Nations dwell in perpetual anarchy, for no central authority imposes limits on the pursuit of sovereign interests." — Kenneth A. Oye, Cooperation Under Anarchy →ISBN, p. 1
  • Absence of rules or laws
    • 1968, "But when anything is brought under the law, the happy anarchy of simpler times is forfeited, and this seems to be the prospect for constitutionalized science and knowledge." — James P. Shaver, Harold Berlak, Democracy, Pluralism, and the Social Studies; Readings and Commentary World Cat. # 165882.