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English citations of baby mama

  • 1997, Mylene Dressler, The Medusa Tree: A Novel, page 28
    I had Fanny and your baby mama in my house and both my sisters, Elly and Pip.
  • 1999, Jerry Gentry, Grady Baby: A Year in the Life of Atlanta's Grady Hospital, page 195
    I wouldn't want to be called baby mama. If you say 'baby daddy,' that's saying that's all you think he's worth."
  • 2002, Maryann Reid, Sex and the Single Sister: Five Novellas, page 19
    Just use protection because we don't want you being nobody's baby mama.
  • 2004, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Let the Church Say Amen: a novel - Page 170
    At least you know Angela ain't crazy and you won't have to deal with any baby mama drama like Rachel be dishing out
  • 2004, Carl Hancock Rux, "Eminem: The New White Negro", in Mickey Hart, Paul Bresnick Da Capo Best Music Writing 2004: The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Hip-hop ..., page 245
    In one of his first award-winning acts of hit-single hedonism, the real Slim Shady murders his baby mama right in front of his baby
  • 2005, Maryann Reid, Marry Your Baby Daddy, page 42
    When the father of my child is out with his other baby mama doing Lord knows what