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Alternative forms[edit]


African American Vernacular English (General American would be baby's mama), 1990s, popularized 2000s.[1][2] Possibly from or influenced by same term in Jamaican English, from Jamaican Creole baby-mother (pregnant woman) (1966),[2] alternatively due simply to grammatical similarities between AAVE and Jamaican Creole.[1]


baby mama (plural baby mamas)

  1. (US, slang) Mother of child in common, particularly unmarried.
    • 2008, Ebony Vol. 63, No. 8, Sidestepping Baby Mama Drama - Jun 2008, page 154
      For men who must deal with these situations and others like them, the result is what has now been deemed as "baby-mama drama."
    She's not his girlfriend now, but she's one of his baby mamas.

Usage notes[edit]

Contentious usage – sometimes used neutrally as a casual term, regardless of marriage status, particularly in the tabloid press,[2] or as a term of endearment. Often considered pejorative, particularly if applied to unmarried black parents – if used by one parent of the other, can imply “child in common but no meaningful relationship”, while if used by outsiders, can imply disapproval of children born out of wedlock; see citations.[3] More formal variants include “baby’s mama” and “baby’s mother”; in formal usage “mother of one’s child” is preferred. Similar considerations apply to baby daddy.


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