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English citations of break

  • a. 1998, Jimmie C. Oxley, "Safe Handling of Explosives", chapter in, 1998, Jonas A. Zukas and William P. Walters, editors, Explosive Effects and Applications, 2003 Springer paperback edition, →ISBN, page 365 [1]:
    The DSC thermograms shown in Figure 9.12 show that if all the emulsion ingredients are mixed together, but not emulsified, increased thermal stability is not obtained. Furthermore, a broken emulsion showed lower thermal stability than an intact one. We concluded that it is the emulsification process that provided the thermal stability [Oxley et al. (1989)]. If the emulsion broke as soon as heating commenced, it would not be any more stable than ANFO.
  • 1999, James Peterson, Essentials of Cooking, Artisan Books, →ISBN, page 42 [2]:
    Mayonnaise may break—that is, the oil will separate out of the emulsion and the mayonnaise will turn loose and grainy—if the oil is added too fast, especially at the beginning, or if the mayonnaise gets too stiff. [] If the mayonnaise does break, it's easy to fix: [] .
  • 2010, Lou Sackett and Jaclyn Pestka, Professional Garde Manger, Wiley, →ISBN, page 40 [3]:
    While a failed or broken mayonnaise can be frustrating, there is no need to throw it away. If the mayonnaise failed or broke due to temperature issues, first slowly bring the mayonnaise (and any repair ingredients) to 70°F (21°C) by letting it stand at room temperature.

Alternate spelling of brake[edit]

  • 1867 James Ogden Fletcher, Railways in Their Medical Aspects, J. E. Cornish 1867
    Guards of the ordinary passenger and luggage trains...are exposed to the greater jar and vibration occasioned by the use of the break at their frequent stoppages.