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English citations of business girl

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  • Inside and Outside the Law: Anthropological Studies of Authority and Ambiguity - Page 78, by Olivia Harris - 1996 - 218 pages
    The most popular labels that London prostitutes use to refer to themselves continue to be 'business girl' or 'working girl'.
  • Knowledge of Evil: Child Prostitution and Child Sexual Abuse in Twentieth-Century England - Page 8, by Alyson Brown, David Barrett - 2002 - 256 pages
    In such work other terms, such as sex worker, business girl/boy, 'trade' have been preferred. ... "prostitution" is behaviour - not a person - and a "prostitute" is merely ...
  • Defeated; Inside America's Military Machine - Page 218, by Stuart H. Loory - 1973 - 405 pages
    ... because of her identity as a "business girl" has been the target of ...
    Fraser used the term "business girl," he was using the euphemism for "prostitute" ...
  • Defeated: Inside America's Military Machine - Page 370, by Stuart H. Loory - 1973 - 405 pages
    ... young Korean prostitute, and before he knows it, he is seated, has ordered two drinks, and the "business girl" is in his lap, rubbing his genitalia, ...
  • Communicating Gender - Page 131, by Suzanne Romaine - 1999 - 406 pages
    Not surprisingly, the term business girl used to be a slang term for a prostitute. When Alma Graham was called “the leading lady of lexicography,” she ...
  • What Japanese Words Say about Women - Page 103, by Kitteridge Cherry - 2002 - 160 pages
    ... a snappy acronym for "business girl," or so the Japanese thought. ... already used "B-girl" for "bar girl," a type better known as a prostitute.
  • My Son and Heir - Page 57, by Isabella Holt - 1949 - 346 pages
    "She's a business girl I met in an office. She's putting her little brother through school." "On the profits of prostitution!" He flinched from the vile
  • Women of Uneasy Virtue: Tales of Korea in the Modern Warlord Era - Page 36, by Paul Luchessa - 2000
    “If you're going to be a business girl, at least be honest about it. ... Now if you're going to be a whore you have to play by the rules. ...
  • 1997 -- Martin Limón: Slicky Boys (page 2) [1]
    Eun-hi was a business girl. One of the finest in Itaewon. Finer than frog hair, to be exact. A GI's dream ...
  • Encounter - Page 43, by Congress for Cultural Freedom - 1990
    There was Teresa, an elegant "business" girl who was married to a sophisticated bearded negro who wore a homburg hat, a waiter, a young chef whose pretty ...
    Not entirely a guaranteed citation. Would bneed to be able to check the full text of the book. But certainly seems to indicate this usage of the phrase.
  • Story - Page 90, by Whit Burnett, Martha Foley - 1931
    She is a business girl." There was a hissing-spitting sound from the girl in the ... "I am nut a business girl." The girl with the water tube said nothing. ...
    Even less of a guaranteed citation. Again, could only tell by finding the full context in the book.
  • Shorter Slang Dictionary - Page 34, by Rosalind Fergusson, Eric Partridge - 1994 - 241 pages
  • Wimmin, Wimps & Wallflowers: an encyclopaedic dictionary of gender and sexual orientation bias ... - Page 40, by Philip H. Herbst - 2001 - 322 pages
  • Love, Sex and Marriage: A Historical Thesaurus - Page 309, by Julie Coleman - 1999 - 600 pages
  • Britslang: an uncensored A-Z of the people's language including rhyming slang - Page 79, by Ray Puxley - 2004 - 547 pages