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English citations of cinemuck

Noun: "(informal) a sticky coating on the floor of a movie theatre caused by spilled beverages and dropped snack items"[edit]

1990 1993 1996 1997 1998 2003
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  • 1990 — Allen Rose, "Light On Way Out But It's Flashing First", Orlando Sentinel, 29 June 1990:
    Karen Andreas of Merritt Island says kids have a name for spilled soft drinks and other sticky stuff sometimes found on movie house floors. "My husband and I overheard a couple of teen-agers at the movies," she said. "The girl stepped in something and told her boyfriend it was 'cinemuck'" []
  • 1993 April 29, J. Michael Tisdel, “Re: I went to a movie theatre again ....”, in,, Usenet[1]:
    The resulting texture accurately simulates that of real cinemuck.
  • 1996 July 22, Sara M., “Re: Tom Selleck's size”, in alt.showbiz.gossip, Usenet[2]:
    I always tend to hold my stuff in my lap too. This avoids having to put it on the floor (which is usually *covered* in cinemuck).
  • 1997 — Linda Salisbury, "Movies, Mothers, and Messages", Herald Tribune, 26 February 1997:
    He's never been much of a movie-goer, objecting to both the price and the stuff you walk in ("cinemuck" as I've heard it called) to get to your seat.
  • 1997 July 12, Dave, “Re: Happy Barefooting”, in, Usenet[3]:
    Because of the cinemuck on the floors, I tried to keep my feet up, kind of wedged in the back of the armrests between the seats, []
  • 1998 December 6, Death [username], “Re: WC movie toys... and Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?!”, in, Usenet[4]:
    Quite frankly, I haven't seen much to make it worthwhile to go slogging through the cinemuck at the local "premier" theaters and plunk down 5 bucks for.
  • 2003 — "Where have all the Fort Wayne movie theaters gone?", Fort Wayne News Sentinel, 10 March 2003:
    It only makes me wonder if there's any market at all for people who require only a clean theater - not too much cinemuck on the floors - that's not too far from home and doesn't make you wait in the cold too long to buy a ticket.

Noun: "(informal, pejorative) cinematic material considered to be of low quality"[edit]

2001 2012
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  • 2001 — Denise A. Raymon, "An inch too far to go see '3,000 Miles to Graceland'", Press Republican, 1 March 2001:
    Crawling on your knees to the real Graceland over shards of broken glass would be less painful than sitting through this cinemuck.
  • 2001 — Chris Garcia, "Hated It", Austin American-Statesman, 6 December 2001:
    Pith and poison are twin barrels in his war against cinemuck. Star ratings are traded for explosive devices, from a solo bomb ("Almost tolerable") to the last-resort atomic mushroom cloud ("A festering wound in the (rear) of cinema").
  • 2012 — "Summer Movie Guide", Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine, June 2012, page 25:
    With The Avengers, Men In Black 3 and other big budget CGI fests already mopping up the cinemuck at the cineplexes, the summer block buster season is upon us.