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Blend of cinema +‎ muck.


cinemuck (uncountable)

  1. (informal) A sticky coating on the floor of a movie theatre caused by spilled beverages and dropped snack items.
    • 2003, "Where have all the Fort Wayne movie theaters gone?", Fort Wayne News Sentinel, 10 March 2003:
      It only makes me wonder if there's any market at all for people who require only a clean theater - not too much cinemuck on the floors - that's not too far from home and doesn't make you wait in the cold too long to buy a ticket.
  2. (informal, derogatory) Cinematic material of low quality.
    • 2001, Denise A. Raymon, "An inch too far to go see '3,000 Miles to Graceland'", Press Republican, 1 March 2001:
      Crawling on your knees to the real Graceland over shards of broken glass would be less painful than sitting through this cinemuck.