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English citations of clown world

Noun: "(slang, derogatory) a crazy world or environment"[edit]

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  • 2000 October 24, ., “Chumley is a big fat idiot (part 2)”, in rec.arts.bodyart, Usenet[1], retrieved 14 January 2022:
    > negating the self centered aspect of your
    > comment, it was through the resulting disagreement that this realization was
    > able to come to fruition. In all honesty I'm exceptionally happy with how
    > things turned out and I truly hope the best for her family.

    Your crazy clown world has nothing to do with reality.
  • 2018 August 15, Christopher Othen, Soldiers of a Different God: How the Counter-Jihad Movement Created Mayhem, Murder and the Trump Presidency[2], Amberley Publishing Limited, →ISBN, OCLC 1079280454:
    The /pol/ or politically incorrect board at 4chan became an alt-right clown world.
  • 2020, Barbara Amiel, Friends and Enemies: A Memoir, unnumbered page:
    Never mind, I was great material for CBC's clown world of entertainment and variety.
  • 2021 August 3, Zach Vorhies, Kent Heckenlively, Google Leaks: A Whistleblower's Exposé of Big Tech Censorship[3], Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 64:
    The government was so top-heavy and bureaucratic that it created a circus show, a clown world where nothing worked as it was expected. It wasn't simply that there was waste and corruption everywhere. The most corrupted part of that life ...

Noun: "(slang, derogatory, alt-right) the current, absurd state of global society, from the perspective of the alt-right movement"[edit]

2018 2020 2021
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 2018, Zachary Sobeck, "Americans are dreamers too", The Gettysburgian (Gettysburg College), 8 February 2018, page 7:
    Indeed, with all the talk in Washington D.C. as to the fate of so-called "dreamers" who are, in fact, illegal aliens, it is easy to forget that the primary function of the United States government is to serve and facilitate the interests of Americans, not illegal alien foreign nationals. Congress is living in Clown World, and the government was even briefly shut down over illegal aliens.
  • 2018, Jamie Welch, "Political clubs consider the issues at Eisenhower Institute campus-wide policy debate", The Gettysburgian (Gettysburg College), 8 March 2018, page 2:
    It is a Clown Word notion that Trump wants to nuke North Korea.
  • 2020, Scott F. Aikin & Robert B. Talisse, Political Argument in a Polarized Age: Reason and Democratic Life, unnumbered page:
    Pepe the Honkler typifies the troll's perspective on disagreement – arguing is pointless, as those with whom one disagrees are too far gone, they embody a "clown world."
  • 2020 December 10, James Nicholls, How Uk Should Be[4], Xlibris Corporation, →ISBN:
    Due to the relatively high percentage of people dedicated to the armed forces in Distributionist nations compared to non-Distributionist nations, soldiers from Distributionist nations (particularly infantry soldiers) will generally be perceived as tough guys and men not to be messed with, especially after a focus on militarism in the education system is done so that young boys grow up aspiring to be powerful men that can fight for their country adequately if necessary, instead of the young boys growing up to be feminine, weak cry babies like they are in the modern ultra-liberal clown world they live in today.
  • 2020, P. J. Vanston, Somewhere in Europe, unnumbered page:
    "Bloody idiots. But remember, this is an age when hurty feelings come above everything else, especially free speech. Sums up our stupid clownworld backward feminut times, eh?"
  • 2020, Lana, quoted in Christopher Charles, "(Main)streaming Hate: Analyzing White Supremacist Content and Framing Devices on YouTube", dissertation submitted to the University of Central Florida", page 101:
    We are all those gone before us, and the vision that they had for me is not the clown world I am looking at now. Without embracing the identity of your ancestors, you are lost rootless and empty—a perfect global citizen.
  • 2020, "ortharzeal", quoted in Carolyn Reichert, "Involuntary Celibates: An Exploratory Research of Incels", thesis submitted to Masaryk University, page 53:
    [Site] user ortharzeal gave his opinion on how to help incels in a thread titled (sic) "Another incel rights project, but within clown world."
  • 2021, Thomas Frissen, Leen d'Haenens, & Michaël Opgenhaffenv, "Extreme Right and Mis/Disinformation", in The Routledge Companion to Media Disinformation and Populism (eds. Howard Tumber & Silvio Waisbord), unnumbered page:
    There is also the 'clown world meme', a derivative of Pepe which the extreme right uses to indicate that we live in an absurd, 'left-wing' 'clown world'.
  • 2021, anonymous, quoted in Daniel Craig Botha, "Bridging White Supremacist Discourse: An ethnography of the online world of the 'Alt-Right'", thesis submitted to Victoria University of Wellington, page 67:
    I realized (((feminism))) wasn’t about gender equality at all, but preferential treatment for women. I then realized that pointing out that men objectively had it worse made people call me a sexist (incel wasn’t a term back then) and I first began to get a glimpse of the clown world.
  • 2021, Karen Kellock, Haze of the Latter Days, page 13:
    Rules for clown world: Masks doesn't[sic] work, wear it. Vaccine doesn't work, take it.
  • 2021, anonymous, quoted in Martin Robinson, You Are Not the Man You Are Supposed to Be: Into the Chaos of Modern Masculinity, unnumbered page:
    But he wasn't a chad. If you are not a chad you are literally an unperson in this clown world.
  • 2021, Joan Remy, "Twilight", Valley Voice (Steamboat Springs, CO), April 2021, page 15:
    The Cat in the Hat and Dumbo
    Shouldn't be censored
    In this "Clown World"
  • 2021, Rob Dunn, "Strange Concept", The Valley Peak (Columbia Valley, BC), 6 May 2021 - 12 May 2021, page 7:
    I almost feel like we are living in a clown world. There is so much conflicting information around this pandemic but people are afraid to face up to what they see.
  • 2021, Michelle Malkin, "Endless wars = endless refugees", Santa Barbara News-Press, 22 August 2021, page C3:
    This country has transmogrified before our eyes into an incorrigible Clown World.
  • 2021 October 17, BTR1701, “[OT] Fake vaccine passports becoming a problem in Canada”, in, Usenet[5], retrieved 14 January 2022:
    I had that with Uber. I was wearing a mask with the Umbrella Corporation
    logo from RESIDENT EVIL and the woman wouldn't drive me. Said it freaked
    her out. If I'd been wearing a RESIDENT EVIL t-shirt, could have denied
    me? Supposedly not, according to the Uber rules. But because it was on a
    mask, she could decline me.

    We're living in Clown World.
  • 2022, Rob Dunn, "Robservations", The Valley Peak (Columbia Valley, BC), 6 January 2022 - 12 January 2022, page 3:
    Transgender 'women' playing in women's sport? No thank you, not fair and will destroy women's sports. But no one has the cahones to stand up to that. What happened to women's rights? There are so many examples of the clown world we are now living in and no one seems to call any of it out.
  • 2022 January 8, BTR1701, “Mountains are Racist Now”, in, Usenet[6], retrieved 14 January 2022:
    Cool. Now do a think piece on the lack of racial diversity in the NBA. No,
    you say? That's not a problem that needs fixing but putting more black
    people on the cliff faces is?

    We live in Clown World.