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English citations of crotchfruit

Noun: "alternative spelling of crotch fruit"[edit]

2007 2010 2011
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  • 2007, Neil Hebert, "Construction workers validate LSU ladies' fragile egos", The Daily Reveille (Louisiana State University), 18 September 2007:
    To my dismay, there was nary a catcall or shouted suggestion to "make the beast with two backs," nor were there any invitations to create crotchfruit.
  • 2010, Eric Hendrixson, Bucket of Face, Eraserhead Press (2010), ISBN 1936383314, page 52:
    Charles could hear some whiney crotchfruit complaining about it, but the sound was kind of Doppler, like the kid was being dragged toward the door.
  • 2011, Anitra Lynn McLeod, Dark Empress: Onic Empire, Samhain Publishing (2011), ISBN 9781609283797, page 157:
    "I'm sure with her fancy new vagina Shyla can drop some crotchfruit that will live up to your exacting standards."
  • 2011, Charlie Stross, Rule 34, Berkley (2011), ISBN 9780441020348, unnumbered page:
    Dad's parents were safely dead, and Mom never mentioned whose crotchfruit she was in your presence []