crotch fruit

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Alternative forms[edit]


crotch fruit (countable and uncountable, plural crotch fruits)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A child; offspring.
    • 2000 October 27, Brenda Bolliver, “Serves her right”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Who in their right freaking mind would take a 30-hour flight with ANY child, let alone an infant in diapers! [] I would hate to have been a passenger on that plane with her and her poop factory crotch fruit!
    • 2003, Nancy K. Stade, The Desert Crop, (2003), →ISBN, page 31:
      "My patients read so much shit they think they can't make a crotch fruit after they turn thirty," []
    • 2011, Eric Peters, Road Hogs: Detroit's Big, Beautiful Luxury Performance Cars of the 1960s and 1970s, MBI Publishing (2011), →ISBN, page 137:
      A time existed when wagons weren't wimpy crotch-fruit conveyances — or SUVs suffering from an identity crisis.



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