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English citations of da

Sense: "yes" in Russian context[edit]

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • n.d., William M. Holden, Between Heaven and Hell: A Thrilling Story of Love and War, Trafford, ISBN 1412216559, p 145.
    Boris helped himself to another glass of wine, then replied: “Da. You got it right—heat-seeking missiles, shoulder-mounted. . . .”
  • 1936, Brooks Atkinson, “Moscow Nights: Being a Report on Part One of the Fourth Annual Dramatic Festival”, New York Times, September 13, 1936.
    . . . climbing or descending five steps before delivering a line, or pretending to play five bars on the piano before saying “da” or “nyet” . . .
  • 1952, Marie Seton, Sergei M. Eisenstein: A Biography, A.A. Wyn, p 252.
    A second knock brought a sharp ‘Da!’ Opening the door, I walked into a room which gave the impression of a medieval cell . . .
  • 1984, Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Dell, ISBN 0440539811, p 243.
    Da, tovarish Celine,” came a voice. The porpoises were too far away to be seen now.
  • 1992, Yale Richmond, From Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians, 3rd edition, Intercultural Press, 2003, ISBN 978-1-877864-16-2, p 3.
    . . . their word is good, nyet becomes da, and deals can be done.
  • 1995, Yale Richmond, From Da to Yes: Understanding the East Europeans, Intercultural Press, ISBN 1877864307, p xvi.
    Still remaining, however, is the challenge of mutual understanding, as the East Europeans move from Da—subservience to the East—to “Yes”—cooperation with the West.
  • 2001, “A close shave with Mr Moslift for Ms Fixit”, The Guardian, May 26, 2001.
    She encountered, of course, a wall of silence. Neither a da nor a nyet. Simply a shrug.
  • 2002, Nick Paton Walsh, “Russia Lite: Nyet to Vodka, Da to Beer”, Guardian Unlimited, October 20, 2002.
    Russia Lite: Nyet to Vodka, Da to Beer [attested in title only]
  • 2008, Stu Hackel, “The Morning Skate: Wilson-Leafs On? Orpik a Ranger? Hasek Gone?”, New York Times, June 8, 2008.
    But not everyone is saying “da.” ¶ Flames assistant coach Wayne Fleming said “nyet” to coaching Dinamo Minsk.

Portuguese citations of da

Contraction of de a[edit]

See Citations:do.