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English citations of eminence


  • 1893 March 22, The Bazaar Exchange and Mart, and Journal of the Household, pages 520 and 521:
    figure 2: Bonnet with crown of gold and eminence colour guipure, edged with jet; small coquilles of black lace in front, and small wings of lace on top of back; eminence velvet strings, [...]
    figure 8: Bonnet of eminence coloured velvet, high crown of many-coloured Oriental embroidery, [...]
  • 1896, Gardening, volume 4, page 21:
    They grow fast, bloom from midsummer till frost, and the pretty rose purple or "eminence" colored blossoms are very attractive.
  • 1916, Millinery Trade Review, volume 41, page 27:
    Evelyn Varon's contribution was a delightful toque of eminence-purple velvet, [...]
  • 1985, Betty J. Mills, Calico Chronicle: Texas Women and Their Fashions, 1830-1910 →ISBN:
    As the century was drawing to a close, almost any color could be found, but among those favored were eminence purple, myrtle green, magenta, Hussar blue, old rose, peach, red and ruby.
  • 1990, Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin, ‎Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, Eugene Onegin: Commentary and index, page 182:
    [There is a picture] of Countess Elizaveta Vorontsov showing her wearing a beret rouge-framboise. I suggest that, when composing Eight, Pushkin visualized not the fashions of 1824 but those of 1829-30 and, possibly, the very beret of eminence color (a purple [...] ) [...]