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English citations of first world problem

frustration experienced by privileged individuals[edit]

  • 1990, Bass, Thomas A., Camping with the Prince and other tales of science in Africa, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, →ISBN, OL 2215468M, page 248:
    Ninety-five percent of the world's research is conducted by first world scientists on first world problems.
  • 1995, Matthew Good Band (music), “Omissions of the Omen”, in Last of the Ghetto Astronauts:
    Someone would love to have my first world problems
    Kill the moon and turn out the sun
    Lock your door and load your gun
    Free at last now the time has come to choose
  • 2010 April 6, MC Frontalot (music), “First World Problem”, in Zero Day[1]:
    Phone's OS is outta date (first world problem)
    Colors won't calibrate (first world problem)
    They never stock the snack you want (first world problem)
    Caught herpes from a celebutante (first world problem)
    Got wallhacked in PVP (first world problem)
    Oh no, HD-DVD (first world problem)
  • 2012 February 13, “The 'Top 100 First World Problems' According to Scooter Magruder (Video)”, in Huffington Post[2], retrieved 2012-02-28:
    First world problems are not legitimate problems, but the minuscule annoyances that occur on a day-to-day basis in well-off, developed countries. Low cell phone battery? #firstworldproblems. Your hot water takes a while to get hot? #firstworldproblems.
  • 2012 February 17, Campbell, Jeremy, “'It's a First-World problem'”, in Fox 13 News[3]:
    "My brand new phone got scratched on the first day that I got it," said Monica Menkis. That's a First World problem.
  • 2012 February 21, Maier, Jenni, “Video: The New Trailer For ‘Girls’ Captures First World Problems Brilliantly”, in Crushable[4], retrieved 2012-02-28:
    While I know it's not fashionable to embrace having first world problems, it’s comforting to see them presented realistically on a TV show like Girls.
  • 2014 July 15, "Weird Al" Yankovic (music), “First World Problems”, in Mandatory Fun:
    Tried to fast forward commercials, can't, I'm watching live TV.
    I'm pretty sure the cookies in this airport lounge ain't gluten-free.
    My barista didn't even bother to make a design in the foam on the top of my vanilla latte.
    First world, first world problems (First world problems)