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wall +‎ hack


wallhack (plural wallhacks)

  1. (video games) A patch enabling a player to cheat by modifying the properties of walls, as by making them transparent or nonsolid.
    • 2002 July 28, Hedgehog, “Cheating bastard - was Re: Wallhack”, in alt.games.quake3, Usenet[1], message-ID <3D44478B.DA7AB89@KIspamLLpernc.com>:
      He was so good, I figured I could learn something by watching it. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get anything at all from the demo, until I discovered he was using the wallhack.
    • 2020 May 6, Tom Warren, “The world’s biggest PC games are fighting a new surge of cheaters and hackers”, in The Verge:
      Wallhacks expose everyone on a map so cheaters get a huge advantage of knowing when you’re about to push a point or turn a corner.

Derived terms[edit]


wallhack (third-person singular simple present wallhacks, present participle wallhacking, simple past and past participle wallhacked)

  1. (video games) To use a wallhack.
    • 2002 March 18, Marcus Leach, “MafiaTech - Why must they cheat? (funny story and video)”, in alt.games.half-life.counterstrike, Usenet[2], message-ID <1tzl8.39041$Q9.9349739@twister.kc.rr.com>:
      im like damn this guy is good.. then the next round... I noticed he wallhacked me... started shooting me before he came around and I was silent walking...
    • 2010 April 6, MC Frontalot (music), “First World Problem”, in Zero Day[3]:
      Got wallhacked in PVP (first world problem)
      Oh no, HD-DVD (first world problem)