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English citations of gunner

Noun: "the person designated to pour drinks in a drinking session"[edit]

  • 2010Tabada, Mayette Q., Night Rites (11 April), Matamata, Sun Star Cebu
    Quick motions of Bernie’s wrist made fronds of smoke uncurl inside the upended bottle. The gossamer tendrils were then swallowed by the orange mixture “boiling” into the bottle’s cavity, which quickly subsided and tamely flowed back to the plastic jug of “mestiza.” [] Only after this spectacle would Bernie, father and magician now turned gunner, pour a shot and pass around the “tagay”. [] According to the men, this is a ritual well-known to those who love a drink. They called this “exorcising the spirit of the drink.”
  • 2013 — Villarica, Carlo, Tagay (20 August), The City, zerothreetwo
    When I was growing up, the alcohol of choice to tagay was Red Horse beer. For many people, I don’t think that has changed much. We used to have these quirky rules and rituals. Like when we first started learning to drink, my older cousin would tell us that the gunner always had to be the youngest. Looking back, it seemed like that was something he made up, but I’m sure we all have these weird little rules that only applied to our drinking group. [] To be clear, tagay is when a group of friends take turns drinking alcohol using just one glass. The pouring of the alcohol and passing around of the single glass is usually facilitated by just one person. He is the designated gunner.
  • 2015 — Jennermann, Kyle, 25 Things I Never Did Until I Lived In The Philippines (06 August),
    There is a designated “Gunner[sic] who is responsible for pouring the booze and passing the glass around a circle.
  • 2017 — Fernandez, Raymund, Life (28 March), Kinutil, Opinion, Cebu Daily News
    Life is a drinking party. Here is the most traditional way of doing it: rum and cola in a pitcher with ice. One glass passed hand to hand in a drinking circle. Tagay. There is a gunner. Every barkada has a gunner. He pours the drink in personal judicious style. He decides such things as the rate of drunkenness required as the party progresses into night, then to early morning. And without telling anyone, he might, if he is a good gunner, select who should get drunk faster than the others. No one complains. The gunner is a position of trust. His is a position for life — as with others in the drinking party.

Cebuano citations of gunner

Noun: "the person designated to pour drinks in a drinking session"[edit]

  • 2009 — Flores, Rick R., Lumon (03 February), Dinhi Sa Amo, Mindaviews, MindaNews
    P700,000 lang gyud daw ang IRA nila, matud ni Elvis, kay diha lang daw gyud taman ang badyet. [] "Uno iton?" (Unsa ni?) pangutana nako sa pulutan nga haskang itoma. "Pugita iton, long," tubag sa gunner — kanang tig-timon sa tagay. Gitilawan nako kay murag okey ug nahinumduman pod nako ang Dyerman ug si Manong Sasing. Puno ang nagabalikog nga kutsara, gisampolan nako ang pulutan.
  • 2010 — Tidor, Gratian Paul R., Tagay (29 August)
    [] / sige ko ninyog gitagayan, pero wa ko ninyo hubga / maong wa ko nagmaoy, / [] / kay basin puhon / moabot ang panahon / sulod sa maong payag / ako nay gunner. /
  • 2014 — Maningo, Alcea, Mga Bugalbugalon (03 October), SuperBalita Cebu
    Miundang pagtagay si Hector kay siya may ‘gunner.’
  • 2016 — Sumalinog, Vic, Ngano’ng Enero 1 Magsugod ang Bag-ong Tuig (31 December), Nunot sa Alisngaw sa Kape, Opinion, Mindanao Times
    Napugwat si JB ug nahunong sa iyang pagpangusisa sa ako dihang kalit mipataas sa iyang boses ang “gunner” sa inom ug nagkanayon, “Unsa na man mo Nong Vic, Bai JB, migamot na man ang inyong mga baso sa lamesa.