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English citations of liberal


"generous, willing to give unsparingly"? or something similar but subtly distinct? "flexible"?[edit]

  • 2003, George Estrada, I Have Tasted the Sweet Mangoes of Cebu →ISBN, page 55:
    I was just fortunate that this professor was merciful, and sensitive to the needs of doctoral students. She knew that our advanced foreign-language requirement was a farce, an artifact of antiquity. And so she was quite liberal with her grading.

"generous, willing to give unsparingly"? or something similar but grammatically distinct?[edit]

  • 2009, Theodore Dreiser, The Financier →ISBN, page 177:
    She would leave home first—run to some relative, some friend, some stranger, if necessary, and ask to be taken in. She had some money—a little. Her father had always been very liberal with her. She could take a few clothes and disappear.

"generous"? or "free"? or "licentious"?[edit]

  • 2009, Scarlett Childs, His Final Seduction, page 40:
    How could a woman so free, so liberal with her pleasure, lock that part of herself away? Whatever the reason, it was a shame to hide away all her untapped lust.

"open, free" (a sense we lack?) or "licentious" (which is thus not obsolete but dated)[edit]

  • 1911, November 14, Pauline Newman, in a letter to Rose Schneiderman [describing the women selected by John Dyche, the union's executive secretary, to replace her], published in 2007 by Alice Kessler-Harris in Gendering labor history →ISBN, page 45:
    "Well they too are not bad looking, and one is rather liberal with her body."

? (1)[edit]

  • 2010, Shelli Stevens, Chances Are, page 158:
    "Brittney was pretty liberal with her lovers."

? (2)[edit]

  • 1884, Emile Gaboriau, in Dossier, issue 113, page 134:
    She had never seen a more perfect gentleman : so kind, polite, and liberal! With her great experience, she had at once realised that he was one of those men who inspire violent passions, and secure lasting attachments.

? (3) (jargon gibberish)[edit]

  • 2010, John O'Loughlin, The Politics of Sexuality →ISBN
    If the antinatural begins with the sodomizing of women (though one might justifiably contend that the male domination of women in liberal sex is the real beginning of the rot), then it most definitely culminates with the sodomizing of men []


  • 1858, August 28, in The Athenaeum, number 1609, page 258:
    The people who had accepted the venal and shameless frailty of the mistresses — the philosophers who had simpered and rhymed, and bent their backs (not even excluding such liberals as Voltaire), to the unblushing profligates []
  • 1986, Alfonso J. Damico, Liberals on Liberalism, page 172:
    But that accusation, while fairly accurate as a criticism of such liberals as Hobbes and Locke, underestimates how this liberal "art of separation" serves the democratization of liberalism.
  • 2000, Henry A. Giroux, Impure Acts: The Practical Politics of Cultural Studies, page 25:
    The attack on culture as a terrain of politics is not only evident in the works of such conservatives as Harold Bloom and Lynn Cheney, and such liberals as Richard Rorty, []