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English citations of liminocentric


  • 1997, Andrew Dinkelaker, The New Frontier in Democratic Theory and Practice: Organizational Forms that Simultaneously Optimize Autonomy & Community, page 93,
    "It has been suggested that forms of social organization exist in which liminality (communitas) is contained within a comparatively minimalist structure proscribed by the principles of democracy. The term that has been used for this idea is ‘liminocentric’."
  • 1999, John Fudjack, ‘The Structure of Consciousness: Liminocentricity, Enantiodromia, and Personality’[1],
    "When, like the figure immediately above, a structure is fractal with respect only to the highest and lowest levels – fractal at its two extremities – we may say that it thus resembles what we have been calling a ‘liminocentric’ structure. It is (relatively) 'indistinguishable' at its highest and lowest levels of organization."
  • 2001, Charles Esche, Nothing: Exploring Invisibilities, ed. Graham Gussin and Ele Carpenter, p. 154-5,
"the reality in which we live as humans has a ‘liminocentric structure'."
"In 'fractal geometry' (which we might call the ‘geometry of liminocentric structures') one is permitted fractional dimensions."
  • 2005, From the online programme to a November 2005 UK-based art installation and performance event called Kernel Panic [2],
"Daedalus [will be creating] a durational performance on opening night exploring ‘liminocentric’ structures [through] a large systematised image installation, a collaboration generated by audience participation [which] seeks to break down the edges of what constitutes a social or hierarchical space, both in its creation and in its use."