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Coined from Latin limen ‘threshold’ + -centric.


  • IPA(key): /ˈlɪmɪnəʊˌsɛntɹɪk/


liminocentric (comparative more liminocentric, superlative most liminocentric)

  1. Having an edge or border which is simultaneously a centre, or internal areas that are indistinguishable from boundary areas.
    The torus is a liminocentric composition.
  2. Having an identity between the very small and very large such that both are equivalent or indistinguishable.
    According to some versions of string theory, the universe displays a fractal-like identity between its scale extremities (the astronomically large and subatomically small), indicating a liminocentric structure.
  3. Arranged such that the centre simultaneously encompasses external elements while remaining located within them.
    Her analysis proposes a liminocentric chain of cause and effect, like a recursive set of Chinese boxes where the innermost box paradoxically contains the outermost.