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English citations of manisided

Adjective: "alternative spelling of many-sided"[edit]

1951 1955 1960 1963 1975 1976 1979 1986 1993
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  • 1951, Rajbali Pandey, Vikramāditya of Ujjayinī: The Founder of the Vikrama Era, Shatadala Prakashana (1951), page 259:
    The personality of Yikramāditya was manisided and unique in several ways.
  • 1955, Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Volumes 4-5, page 344:
    [] in which we find a manisided and detailed analysis of the hymn, its linguistic interpretation, objective explanation and full translation.
  • 1960, Alchemical Laboratory Bulletins, Issues 1-41, page 27:
    This varied and manisided manifestation is the outcome of profound study and contemplation.
  • 1963, Annemarie Schimmel, Gabriel's Wing: A Study Into the Religious Ideas of Sir Muhammad Iqbal, E. J. Brill (1963), page 377:
    After having reviewed some of the main currents in Iqbal's thought without entering in a detailed discussion about their philosophical importance or their practical implications, we may ask ourselves once more: what is the outstanding feature in the manisided personality of the philosopher-poet?
  • 1975, Hungarian Heavy Industries, Volumes 25-27, page 13:
    The industry has business connections practically all over the world, ranging from simple exports and imports activities to manisided cooperations
  • 1976, The Romanian Orthodox Church and the Church of England, Biblical and Orthodox Missionary Institute (1976), page 82:
    Bishop said concerning the Common Prayer Book: 'Certainly, as we are speaking of a Book which constitutes the official handbook of public worship of a manisided Church, as it is the case with the Church of England, it is impossible that the whole order and the phrases in the Book be accepted by all the Church parties'.
  • 1976, Bulletin Scientifique: Sciences Humaines, Volumes 12-15, page 68:
    On the example of fragments from Russian literature, the penomenon[sic] of Nihilism is elucidated. Its manisided nature — its Janus's face is stressed.
  • 1979, Acta Biologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Volumes 30-31, page 280:
    From the Chapters "Ecology," "Physiology" and "Taxonomy" the reader can learn plenty of new information of manisided significance.
  • 1986, Jain Journal, Volume 21, page 74:
    The doctrine of syādvāda is nothing but systematic description of manisided nature of reality in words.
  • 1993, The Maghreb Review: Majallat Al-Maghrib, Volume 18, page 251:
    Artists like the ingenious Hasan Massoudy or Ahmed Moustafa, the Pakistani painters Sadiqain and Guljee, and the manisided Wasmaa Chorbachi are among the leading artists who experiment with the seemingly inexhaustible possibilities of the Arabic alphabet.