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manisided (comparative more manisided, superlative most manisided)

  1. (India) Alternative spelling of many-sided
    • 1951, Rajbali Pandey, Vikramāditya of Ujjayinī: The Founder of the Vikrama Era, Shatadala Prakashana (1951), page 259:
      The personality of Yikramāditya was manisided and unique in several ways.
    • 1963, Annemarie Schimmel, Gabriel's Wing: A Study Into the Religious Ideas of Sir Muhammad Iqbal, E. J. Brill (1963), page 377:
      After having reviewed some of the main currents in Iqbal's thought without entering in a detailed discussion about their philosophical importance or their practical implications, we may ask ourselves once more: what is the outstanding feature in the manisided personality of the philosopher-poet?
    • 1986, Jain Journal, Volume 21, page 74:
      The doctrine of syādvāda is nothing but systematic description of manisided nature of reality in words.
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