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English citations of mansplain

Verb: "to explain condescendingly, because listener is a woman"[edit]

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  • 2008 May 21, phosphate, “Re: On statistics”, in Fandom Wank[1], retrieved 2012-06-21:
    Oh, gosh, thank you so much for mansplaining this to us!
  • 2009 September 8, Rosenzweig, Vicki, “Re: I stumbled here while searching for 'what was wrong with me'.”, in alt.polyamory, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
    alternatively, if you think that saying "might as well castrate me while you're at it, for the way it feels" will make everyone apologize or be quiet so you can keep mansplaining, you are mistaken.
  • 2010 January 29, Faster, Twisty, “There are molecules in the brain called “neurotransmitters””, in I Blame the Patriarchy[3], retrieved 2012-06-21:
    In fact, quite the buttload of Zuska’s mansplaining commenters are apparently authoritative experts on mansplaining. This is surprising and kind of meta, since it is a well-known fact that men who claim to know what the fuck mansplaining is cannot resist mansplaining that it doesn’t, at least for them, exist. More than a few of them mansplain that theirs is a truly lofty and nuanced apprehension of mansplaining, which is why when they do it they aren’t really doing it, so it isn’t the same as when actual mansplainers mansplain.
  • 2010 February 6, Silver, Jet, “Jet’s favourite mansplanation story”, in I Am Not a Cake[4], retrieved 2012-05-26:
    The mansplainer mansplained adamantly on the topic of sex. His specific sub-topic: whether a long penis or a wide one is more pleasurable for a woman during vaginal intercourse.
  • 2010 November 14, <>, “Re: advice: those vampire books?”, in alt.polyamory, Usenet[5], message-ID <>:
    I was amused by a conversation that was mostly men, mansplaining the books and movies mostly aimed at women.
  • 2011 February, “The Sum of Her Parts 2 of 3”, in Batman and Robin, number 18:
    I fooled you! You don't get to “mansplain” to me!
  • 2011 February 1, Linkins, Jason, “What's Behind The Drive To Redefine Rape In New And Insane Ways?”, in The Huffington Post[6]:
    But what's getting all of the attention in the bill is the part where legislators have banded together to mansplain the various shadings of the crime of "rape" to America.
  • 2011 October 5, Ishida, Tatsuya, “The Sisterhood 3”, in Sinfest[7], retrieved 2012-06-21:
    “There’s nothing wrong with admiring the female form...” “No mansplaining.
  • 2011 June 3, Aahz Maruch, “Re: Milenko Kindl loves threesome”, in alt.polyamory, Usenet[8], message-ID <iuqa0j$sss$>:
    Were you at all tempted to say, "Thank you for mansplaining."?
  • 2011 December 2, Futrelle, David, “Rape, mansplained at last. Thanks, anonymous dude on Reddit!”, in Man Boobz[9], retrieved 2012-05-26:
  • 2012 March 14, Wakeman, Jessica, “Dr. Drew Is Mansplaining Your Sexual Desires For You, “50 Shades Of Grey” Fans”, in The Frisky[10], retrieved 2012-05-26:
  • 2012 October 5, Walker, Harriet, “Now, let me explain something about patriarchy”, in The Independent[11], ISSN 0951-9467, retrieved 2012-10-05:
    Linehan’s argument, mansplained with the characteristic ill-grace of a caught-out mansplainer, was that Page Three was not misogynistic because it was clearly for men who liked women. Who liked them so much they wanted to look at them naked, in fact.
  • 2012 October 6, “Intellectual Negging at Shakespeare & Co., a Womansplanation”, in The Oeditrix[12], retrieved 2012-10-15:
    These two women, both petite (I cannot help thinking this was one reason he enjoyed talking to them so much) were being mansplained within an inch of their lives.
  • 2012 October 16, Femmy McFeministy, “Remansplaining”, in Academic Men Explain Things to Me[13], retrieved 2012-10-17:
    In which, a reblogger remansplains a mansplaining, not understanding that the student in question was trying for the life of her to figure out what on earth the professor in question was going for.
  • 2012 November 1, Rothmannov, Lily, “A Cultural History of Mansplaining”, in The Atlantic[14], ISSN 1072-7825:
    John Adams, whose relationship with Abigail Adams is supposed to be a shining example of spousedom, mansplained the need to make husbands the legal masters of wives.
  • 2012 November 8, Rayfield, Jillian, “Sen. Ron Johnson offers to mansplain the budget to Tammy Baldwin The Wisconsin Republican conde”, in Salon[15]:
    Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., offered to help out his new colleague, Democrat Sen.-elect Tammy Baldwin, by explaining the federal budget thing and how it works.
  • 2014 April 3, Adrienne Trier-Bieniek & Amanda Pullum, "From Lady Gaga to Consciousness Rap: The Impact of Music on Gender and Social Activism", in Gender & Pop Culture: A Text-Reader (eds. Adrienne Trier-Bieniek & Patricia Leavy), Sense Publishers (2014), →ISBN, page 94:
    Internet discussion of “Bitch Bad” has sparked a lot of outrage and strong opinions, most notably after the music magazine Spin posted a scathing review of the song, marking Fiasco as “mansplaining" and declaring the song a poor, unthoughtful example of someone trying to use hip-hop to raise consciousness.
  • 2014 October 14, Jamie Kilstein & Allison Kilkenny, Newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, Gun Control, and Other Fun Stuff We Talk About Because Nobody Else Will, Simon & Schuster (2014), →ISBN, page xi:
    Maybe it was because of the MSNBC commercials where he's seemingly annexed a grade school classroom, occupied it, and refused to leave, and is now mansplaining life to his audience.
  • 2014 October 20, Benjamin Hart, “RIP “mansplaining”: The Internet ruined one of our most useful terms”, in Salon[16]:
    If a man mansplains in the forest, do the trees roll their eyes?
  • 2015 February 27, Robin James, Resilience & Melancholy: Pop Music, Feminism, Neoliberalism, Zero Books (2015), →ISBN, unnumbered page
    Positioning himself as the white guy mansplaining to a black woman what's best for her, The New York Time's John Caramanica argues that Rihanna's attempt, on the album, "to make public art with the person who physically abused you is immature, pre-feminist, post-ethics."
  • 2015 March 14, Heidi Hall, “Hard to ‘Mansplain’ Workplace Gender Issues”, in The Daily News[17], volume 8, number 12, Memphis, retrieved 2015-03-14:
    "Jane felt like screaming at Dick after he manterrupted her in the staff meeting, bropropriated her idea and then spent the afternoon mansplaining it back to her."
  • 2015 June 9, Joshua Cohen, Book of Numbers, Random House (2015), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    However this was merely his transition to fiction—rather to mansplaining wisdom about fiction.
  • 2015 July 1, Emily Gordon, @midnight, Comedy Central:
    My plan is to mansplain feminism to myself.
  • 2015, Charlie Jane Anders, "Ghost Champagne", Uncanny Magazine, Issue 5, July/August 2015, unnumbered page:
    I mean, I would only use this power in extreme circumstances, like when one of the developers in my day job starts mansplaining to me, or when I'm super bored in a meeting.