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English citations of meeting and meetings

  • 2014, Judy Bishop, An Accidental Psychic, p. 6:
    Another memorable experience about that time was an accidental meeting with some Gypsies.
  • 2013, Mark Q. Sutton, ‎E. N. Anderson, Introduction to Cultural Ecology, p. 36:
    Human ecology profits considerably from such meetings of the minds.
  • 2012, Robert Aziz, The Syndetic Paradigm: The Untrodden Path Beyond Freud and Jung, p. 227:
    Ego control is about exclusivity in that it is about the meeting of the narrow objectives and needs of one individual.
  • 2012, Joe Occhipinti, Strangers in the Gale - Book 1, p. 14:
    She dove deep to be free of the turbulence caused by the meeting of rocks and waves.
  • 2006, Frances Lomas Feldman, ‎Frances H. Scherz, Family Social Welfare: Helping Troubled Families, p. 271:
    In this connection case finding is becoming increasingly important and new programs and services have been emerging with a focus on the meeting of needs before serious problems develop.
  • 2004, Eliezer Berkovits, ‎David Hazony, God, Man and History, p. 87:
    All encounters in this world are meetings of needs set in a context of value.
  • 1990, Flying Magazine, Dec 1990., Vol. 117, No. 12, p. 114:
    These meetings of fate happen often at OSH.
  • 1986, Marguerite Duras, The sailor from Gibraltar, p. 49:
    I'd always loved that sort of landscape — geographical, you might call it, with its capes and deltas and tributaries, and above all the mouths of rivers, the meetings of rivers with the sea.
  • 1968, Robert S. Summers, Essays in Legal Philosophy, p. 215:
    It is in the meeting of the requirements for principled decision that the qualities of neutrality and generality are achieved.
  • 1904, Goerge Manville Fenn, To Win Or To Die: A Tale of the Klondike Gold Craze, p. 40:
    He forgot that but a short time back he was advocating a brave meeting of their fate.