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English citations of nerdistan

Noun: "a locus of high-tech industry, particularly a town or suburb where many high-tech workers live"[edit]

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  • 1997Joel Kotkin, "Escape From Nerdistan", The Washington Post, 12 September 1997:
    In the coming decade, we are likely to see the continued migration of traditional high-tech firms to new nerdistans in places like Orange County, Calif., north Dallas, Northern Virginia, Raleigh-Durham and around Redmond, Wash., home base for Microsoft.
  • 2000Joel Kotkin & Fred Siegal, Digital Geography: The Remaking of City and Countryside in the New Economy, Hudson Institute (2000), ISBN 9781558130739, page 19:
    If the nerdistans have a weakness, it may lie in their very homogeneity and lack of cultural amenities.
  • 2001Joel Kotkin, The New Geography: How the Digital Revolution Is Reshaping the American Landscape, Random House (2001), ISBN 9781588361400, unnumbered page:
    Rather than provide a home and garden to the average worker, the nerdistan seeks primarily to lure only the better-educated, more affluent workers critical to the digital economy.
  • 2001 — Bill Bishop, "After that dreadful day, awareness is everything", Austin American-Statesman, 3 October 2001:
    In the nerdistan of Austin, the best seller on the Amazon list was "Commercializing New Technologies: Getting from Mind to Market."
  • 2002Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class and How It's Transforming Work, Leisure, Community, and Everyday Life, Basic Books (2002), ISBN 0465024769, page 11:
    These places offer something for everyone — vibrant urban districts, abundant natural amenities and comfortable suburban "nerdistans" for techies so inclined.
  • 2003 — "Welfare stigma hard to flee", Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 25 August 2003:
    Someday, 10000 years from now, archaeologists will dig up one of our high-rent nerdistans and study the contents of the houses there.
  • 2004 — Jon Talton, "Fresh Look at Water Deal, Intel Angst, Downtown Investing", Arizona Republic, 30 November 2004:
    With analysts voicing such views as a call for "structural, not cosmetic changes," there must be some unease in the "nerdistan" of Chandler, where Intel has about 9500 workers.
  • 2009 — Jamie Peck, "The Cult of Urban Creativity", in Leviathan Undone?: Towards a Political Economy of Scale (eds. Roger Keil & Rianne Mahon), UBC Press (2009), ISBN 9780774816304, page 161:
    A high-tech centre without a thriving music scene is merely a nerdistan; add a nightlife and a vibrant gay community and you have the secret ingredient of Austinization.

Noun: "a place that appeals to technophiles"[edit]

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  • 2006Joel Garreau, "The invasion has begun", Concord Monitor, 30 December 2006:
    It's a Roomba, an artificially intelligent floor-vacuuming 'bot, and this is the year mountains of them rumbled off the shelves not just of nerdistans like the Sharper Image and Brookstone, but of mainstream players like Costco, Sears and Target.