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nerd +‎ -i- +‎ -stan


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nerdistan (plural nerdistans)

  1. (slang) A locus of high-tech industry, particularly a town or suburb where many high-tech workers live.
    • 1997, Joel Kotkin, "Escape From Nerdistan", The Washington Post, 12 September 1997:
      In the coming decade, we are likely to see the continued migration of traditional high-tech firms to new nerdistans in places like Orange County, Calif., north Dallas, Northern Virginia, Raleigh-Durham and around Redmond, Wash., home base for Microsoft.
  2. (slang) A place that appeals to technophiles.
    • 2006, Joel Garreau, "The invasion has begun", Concord Monitor, 30 December 2006:
      It's a Roomba, an artificially intelligent floor-vacuuming 'bot, and this is the year mountains of them rumbled off the shelves not just of nerdistans like the Sharper Image and Brookstone, but of mainstream players like Costco, Sears and Target.