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From Persian ـستان ‎(-estān), from Middle Persian -stʾn' ‎(-estān), from Old Persian 𐎿𐎫𐎠𐎴 ‎(stāna-), from Proto-Iranian *stāna-, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *sthāna, from Proto-Indo-European *steh₂- ‎(to stand).

Compare Avestan 𐬯𐬙𐬁𐬥𐬀 ‎(stāna-), Sanskrit स्थान ‎(sthā́na), Russian стан ‎(stan) (< Proto-Slavic *stanъ), English stay, stand, state.



  1. home of; place where one stays; used especially in place names

Usage notes[edit]

Corresponding demonym usually formed by suffixing -i, yielding -stani. When the root is an ethnicity, the -stani form refers to the nationality, not ethnicity. Compare Tajik ‎(member of Tajik ethnic group) and Tajikistani ‎(inhabitant of nation of Tajikistan).

Derived terms[edit]

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