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English citations of old school

Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • old school (non idiomatic): - 10 Sep 1982 by floyd
    My old school chums are mostly in Massachussetts, hence many trips there, also in Chicago, and N and S California etc.
  • old school (noun): net.cooks - 20 Jan 1983 by rocheste
    Cook until it saucifies, about 1/2 hour (or longer if you're from the old school).
  • old-school (adjective): - 29 Nov 1984 by Sophie Quigley
    I haven't heard of any feminists claiming that "experts" would be able to do a better job of parenting than parents are, except maybe for some old-school feminists like Simone de Beauvoir.
  • old school (adjective): - 12 Sep 1986 by "ROSSI J.A."
    Those of you who are of the old school Catholic faith can redeem yourselves by saying a good act of contrition which, I believe, is worth about 100 or so ejaculations (sic).
  • OldSchool (probable adjective): alt.rap - 4 Oct 1992 by The Invisible Man
    Just like there are many different types of music, there are different types of rap. Hardcore, like Ice Cube, or OldSchool, like the Sugarhill Gang, are two facets on the gem we call hip hop.
  • oldschool (probable adjective): - 15 Jan 1993 by Marvin Raab
    It's probable her attitudes are a result of her former community and a reflection of her oldschool parents' thoughts.
  • oldskool (adjective): - 17 Feb 1995 by Rolf D Neill
    (Subject): oldskool LP's Wanted
  • old-skool (adjective): - 17 Feb 1995 by Rolf D Neill
    i am looking for some old-skool rap albums
  • old skool (adjective): - 14 Apr 1995 by ed
    Also look out for a PHAT PHAT oldskool style tune on Jemini's album set to drop in the next couple of weeks. It uses the Love Unlimited 'Strange Games and Things' break, and comes on with the old skool rhymes believe.....

Hippietrail 23:42, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)