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English citations of recherché

  • 1969 (published 1980), John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces, page 150:
    Ignatius filmed the scene before him for a minute or two more, then he followed a post upward to the ceiling for what he imagined would be an interesting and rather recherché bit of cinematography suggesting aspiration.
  • 2005, Leonardo Padura, tr. Peter Bush, Havana Red, London, Bitter Lemon Press, →ISBN, page 66:
    But could it be entirely chance for a Catholic transvestite who moreover wasn't a transvestite to transform himself on the day of the liturgical calendar set as the date of the Transfiguration? It couldn't be so, it must be a coincidence, it's too recherché, thought the count ...
  • 2014 January 24, Matthew Norman, “Hercules of the Yard can fix boorish Britain: There's a long list of possible miscreants for the Essex PC who made a splash over a puddle [print version: 25 January 2014]”, in The Daily Telegraph[1], page 27:
    That an unnamed 22-year-old will be up before the Colchester beak in March under the Road Traffic Act's recherché section 3 – covering inconsiderate driving and with a maximum fine of £5,000 – may at first sight seem a facetious use of court resources.