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Alternative forms[edit]


Unadapted borrowing from French recherché; more at French rechercher. Doublet of ricercata.



recherché (comparative more recherché, superlative most recherché)

  1. Sought out and chosen with care; choice; exquisite.
    • 1892, John Foreman, The Philippine Islands, page 375:
      Mangostanes, the recherché fruit of the Straits Settlements, are found in the Islands of Mindanao and Sulu.
    • 2001, Salman Rushdie, Fury: A Novel, London: Jonathan Cape, →ISBN, page 3:
      Stores, dealerships, galleries struggled to satisfy the skyrocketing demand for ever more recherché produce: limited-edition olive oils, three-hundred-dollar corkscrews, customized Humvees, the latest anti-virus software, escort services featuring contortionists and twins, video installations, outsider art, featherlight shawls made from the chin-fluff of extinct mountain goats.
  2. Exotic; of rare quality, elegance, attractiveness, etc.
  3. (by extension) Precious, pretentious, affected.

Related terms[edit]

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recherché (feminine recherchée, masculine plural recherchés, feminine plural recherchées)

  1. past participle of rechercher


recherché (feminine recherchée, masculine plural recherchés, feminine plural recherchées)

  1. sought-after
    Synonyms: couru, demandé, fréquenté, suivi
    1. prized, valued
      Synonyms: apprécié, cher, chéri, estimé, précieux
    2. desired, coveted
      Synonym: convoité
  2. marked by careful or laborious effort
    1. meticulous (evidencing careful or laborious effort)
      Synonyms: diligent, méticuleux, rigoureux, soigné, soigneux
    2. obtained or achieved by careful or laborious effort; immaculate, sharp, well-groomed
      Synonyms: soigné, travaillé
  3. evidencing careful reflection or studious research; refined, sophisticated, exquisite
    Synonyms: élégant, étudié, exquis, précieux, raffiné, savant, sophistiqué
    une langue très recherchéea very refined language
  4. (derogatory) unnatural, affected, contrived, overwrought, labored, tortured (as an obvious result of excessive effort or attempts at refinement)
    Synonyms: affecté, affété, alambiqué, apprêté, contourné, maniéré, mignard, ostentatoire, pompeux, précieux, prétentieux, théâtral, tourmenté, travaillé, voulu