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English citations of remound

verb form: preterite of remind[edit]

  • 1830, Filaret, “On the Tenses of Greek Verbs” in The Gentleman’s Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, ed. Sylvanus Urban, volume 100, part 2, page 125
    In English our common and regular past tense is formed in ed, as I received: this answers to the aorist in α. But many of our older verbs form their preterite on quite a different plan; such are, I saw, I wrote &c. changing the radical vowels: this irregular form is analogous to the aorist in ον. Lastly, we have not a few verbs in which both forms are in use, as I hanged, and I hung; I catched, and I caught; I beseeched, and I besought; I chid, and I chided: and this is parallel to the examples of Greek verbs with both forms of the aorist. […A] single English grammarian, who, on the ground of the varieties and redundancies above-mentioned, has exhibited the standard model of the English verb with two preterite tenses. Or what should we now think of the grammar which should run thus: 1. pret. I fighted, thou fightedst, &c. 2d pret. I fought, &c. And again, 1st pret. I reminded, &c. 2d pret. I remound?
  • 1918, The Judge (Judge Publishing Company), volume 75, page unknown
    I find — that is to say, I’ve found —
    That when one knows “sink, sank and sunken,”
    He soon is strenuously remound
    He mustn’t say “blink, blank and blunken.”
    And if it seems that he has thought
    From words one speaks as they are speken
    That what he thought was “wink, wank, wought,”
    He’ll squeak as ne’er before he’s squoken!
  • 1990 November 20th (8:52pm), “split krill soup” (user name), (Usenet newsgroup), “Re: Alltrac and 4WD”, Message ID: <>
    It reminded [remound] me of a computer art published in SIGgraph a while ago: an image with a vase made of water rising out of an ocean.
  • 2002 May 23rd (7:22pm), “Wallace J.McLean” (user name), nf.general (Usenet newsgroup), “Re: RESIGN!!!!”, Message ID: <acjc0b$m6s$>
    If I haven’t told you to eat shit lately, consider yourself remound.

eye dialect spelling of remind[edit]

  • 1866, Oliver Optic, Fighting Joe: or, The Fortunes of a Staff Officer, page 210
    “I was afeered you mought forget some on’t, and mought wan’t me to remound you of it.”

verb: restore the mound or mounds of[edit]

  • 1916, Economic Entomology: Pamphlets, volume 109, page 1,130
    In some soils, mounds made earlier wash down, thus making it necessary to remound in the fall.
  • 1969, Leonard Ward Roberts, Old Greasybeard: Tales from the Cumberland Gap (Folklore Associates), page 9
    Earlier in the week the menfolk would go to the graveyard and clean off the creepvine and shrubs and remound the sunken graves.
  • 1995, L. R. Goldman, “The Depths of Deception: Cultural Schemas of Illusion in Huli”, chapter 3 in Papuan borderlands: Huli, Duna, and Ipili perspectives on the Papua New Guinea Highlands, ed. Aletta Biersack, page 275
    The agricultural production system is based almost entirely on the intensive cultivation of sweet potato in small, lightly composted mounds (mondo). New gardens are begun every 3.2 years on average, although women may continue to remound old gardens for ten years or more.
  • 2004, William Alan Blair, Cities of the Dead: Contesting the Memory of the Civil War in the South, 1865–1914, page 82
    [W]omen running the memorial associations needed another vital resource beyond money: manpower. Quite literally, this meant male power in two areas that conventions of the day dictated as the responsibility of men: engineers to design project and agents to conduct business and organize heavy labor to disinter bodies, remound old graves, and build new cemeteries.
  • 2006, William Gay, Twilight (MacAdam/Cage Pub.; ISBN 1596920580, 9781596920583), page 7
    He drove the spade into the earth mounded atop the grave and leaning his weight into the work began to remound the earth in a pile next the grave.
  • 2008, Caroline E. Janney, Burying the Dead but not the Past: Ladies’ Memorial Associations & the Lost Cause, page 63
    The men formed themselves into companies and marched out to Hollywood on May 28 and 29 to remove weeds, remound, and place properly marked headboards on nearly 6,000 graves.

misspelling of remould[edit]

  • 1943, Lewis Mumford, “The Condition of Man” in Meanjin Quarterly, volumes 2–3, page 128
    Nothing that man has created is outside his capacity to change, to remound, to supplant, or to destroy: his machines are no more sacred or substantial than the dreams in which they originated.
  • 1962, Anarchy Collective (Great Britain), Anarchy (Freedom Press), volume 2, page 94
    And when Richard Gregg says “although it is not a panacea non-violent resistance is an effective social instrument whereby we may remound the world,” and when Joan Bondurant says it is “the solution to the problem of method which anarchism has consistently failed to solve,” we will begin to listen with attention.
  • 1970, Summary of World Broadcasts: Far East, part 3 (Monitoring Service of the British Broadcasting Corp), page unknown
    If the intellectuals do not thoroughly remound their world outlook, they will remain different from the workers and peasants in their viewpoint, position and feelings, and will be like square pegs in round holes.

verb: reform into a mound[edit]

  • 1983, William Shurtleff [aut.] and Akiko Aoyagi [illust.], The Book of Miso: Savory, High-protein Seasoning (2nd, illustrated ed.; Ten Speed Press; ISBN 0898150973, 9780898150971), page 181
    Remound koji into oval volcano shape, re-cover tray with lid set slightly ajar, and re-cover incubation box with blankets.
  • 1991, Fred Bridge and Jean F. Tibbetts, The Well-Tooled Kitchen (Morrow), page 97
    Roll a rolling pin 1 to 2 times over the mixture to flatten the butter particles, gather into a mound again, then use the pastry blender to cut until powdery with some oatmeal-shaped flakes throughout; remound.
  • 1995, Jesse Ziff Cool, Onions: A Country Garden Cookbook (Collins Publishers San Francisco; ISBN 0002554526, 9780002554527), page 1
    As the plant grows, move the tube upward and remound the dirt to cover the base and the blanched leaves.

unknown sense[edit]

  • 1995, Sheo Prakash Agnihotri [ed.], Environmental Conservation for Global Development (Chugh Publications; ISBN 8185613877, 9788185613871), page 290
    The rocks are exposed only when the boulder deposit is lower remound by erosion or landslides.

verb: bolster with a restored mound[edit]

  • 1999, Thomas Cairns, Ortho’s All About Roses (Meredith Books; ISBN 0897214285, 9780897214285), page 28
    Watch for wrinkling on the canes — the first sign of dehydration. If this occurs, recut the canes below the wrinkling, remound the plant, and water well.