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From mid 17th century, equivalent to re- +‎ mind (to remember). Probably suggested by obsolete rememorate with the same sense. Displaced Old English myndgian.


  • IPA(key): /ɹəˈmaɪnd/, /ɹɪˈmaɪnd/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: re‧mind
  • Rhymes: -aɪnd


remind (third-person singular simple present reminds, present participle reminding, simple past and past participle reminded)

  1. (transitive) To cause one to experience a memory (of someone or something); to bring to the notice or consideration (of a person).
    Synonym: put someone in mind of
    • 1849, Currer Bell [pseudonym; Charlotte Brontë], chapter 3, in Shirley. A Tale. [], volumes (please specify |volume=I to III), London: Smith, Elder and Co., [], →OCLC:
      I am aware, reader, and you need not remind me, that it is a dreadful thing for a parson to be warlike.
    • 1915, Joseph Conrad, “Author's Note”, in Victory: An Island Tale:
      His eyes were green and every cat I see to this day reminds me of the exact contour of his face.

Derived terms[edit]



remind (plural reminds)

  1. (colloquial or nonstandard) An act of reminding; a reminder.
    • 2014 March 30, “EPS canine units track down 7 suspects in 6 hours”, in CBC News[1], archived from the original on 2016-01-15:
      Even with successful nights like that, Garth said the death of police dog Quanto in October is never forgotten, but instead serves as a remind that any call could be dangerous.
    • 2023 April 19, Anna Nora Tassetti et al., “The BlueBio project's database: web-mapping cooperation to create value for the Blue Bioeconomy”, in Scientific Data, volume 10, London: Nature Portfolio, →DOI, →ISSN, →OCLC:
      Surveys consisted of circulating a questionnaire - in .xls file with predefined fields to fill - amongst information producers (i.e., project coordinators, national research funding agencies involved in BlueBio projects); several reminds were sent to increase the response rate.
    • 2023 March 11, @foreverboleyn__, Twitter[2], archived from the original on 1 October 2023:
      Just a remind that you can't just go around comparing situations or people you don't like to Nazi Germany. Not only are you factually incorrect but you're belittling the lives of 80 million people who were killed due to the holocaust and the war itself.