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English citations of right

English adverb[edit]

  • 1843 Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, Book 2, Ch. 2, St. Edmundsbury
    The Burg, Bury, or 'Berry' as they call it, of St. Edmund is still a prosperous brisk Town; beautifully diversifying, with its clear brick houses, ancient clean streets (...); looking out right pleasantly, from its hill-slope, towards the rising Sun.

Of an angle[edit]

  • 1950, Nell Bevel Causey, “Variations in the Gonopods of a Xystodesmid Diplopod”, in The American Midland Naturalist, v 44, Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame, pp 199–201:
    The curve of the main blade, which occurs about one-quarter of the distance from the tip, varied from a right angle to a widely obtuse angle. In clutch 178 the angle was obtuse in all specimens. In the other clutch, 190, it varied between right and widely obtuse.