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English citations of right

  • 1843 Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, Book 2, Ch. 2, St. Edmundsbury
    The Burg, Bury, or 'Berry' as they call it, of St. Edmund is still a prosperous brisk Town; beautifully diversifying, with its clear brick houses, ancient clean streets (...); looking out right pleasantly, from its hill-slope, towards the rising Sun.
of an angle
  • 1950, Nell Bevel Causey, “Variations in the Gonopods of a Xystodesmid Diplopod”, in The American Midland Naturalist, v 44, Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame, pp 199–201:
    The curve of the main blade, which occurs about one-quarter of the distance from the tip, varied from a right angle to a widely obtuse angle. In clutch 178 the angle was obtuse in all specimens. In the other clutch, 190, it varied between right and widely obtuse.
  • 2016 October 2nd, Nick Cohen, “Liberal guilt won’t fight nationalism” in The Guardian Weekly, volume 195, № 17 (30 September–6 October 2016), page 21/3:
    Meanwhile, the authoritarianism, which has turned left-liberalism into a movement for sneaks and prudes, was always going to play into the hands of the right. Free citizens have stopped listening to those who respond to the challenge of argument by screaming for the police to arrest the politically incorrect or for universities to ban speakers who depart from leftish orthodoxy.