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English citations of sire-land, sireland, and sirelands

  1. (poetic) a fatherland, ancestral homeland
    • 1844 George Jones, Tecumseh and the prophet of the West: an historical Israel-Indian tragedy (Longman's: London) Act II, Scene I, p.41:
      The Anglo-Saxon! The White-man forgets
      The ancient chronicles of his Sire-land!
    • 1846 James Clarence Mangan "The Lovely Land (On a Landscape Painted by M......)":
      Shame to me, my own, my sire-land,
      Not to know thy soil and skies!
      Shame, that through Maclise's eyes
      I first see thee, Ireland!
    • 1849 Herman Melville Mardi: and A Voyage Thither Vol. II; Chapter LVII: "They Hearken Unto A Voice From The Gods":
      had your population been pressed and packed, like that of your old sire-land Dominora.
    • 1853 James Henry Notes of a Twelve Years' Voyage of Discovery in the First Six Books of the Eneis (Dresden: Meinhold) Book IV, p.175:
      [...] then briefly thus addresses Barce,
      Sicheus' nurse, for in old sire-land lay
      Her own nurse, a black cinder [...]
    • 1902 Michael F. Howley "The Flag of Newfoundland":
      Hail the pink, the white, the green,
      Our patriot flag long may it stand
      Our Sirelands twine their emblems trine
      To form the flag of Newfoundland.
    • 1912 Peadar Kearney "The Soldier's Song" Irish Freedom No.23, September 1912:
      Sworn to be free. No more our ancient sireland
      Shall shelter the despot or the slave.