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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • snow globes: - 26 Jan 1990 by Deborah Brown
    Did anyone else notice the little "snow globes" in Switek's apartment? They were on the end table next to the couch and he was playing with a few of them.
  • snowglobe: rec.arts.books - 30 Jul 1991 by Joe Green
    He also gave my a snowglobe (those little worlds so popular in Nabokov stories) inscribed with "All nature is a Heraclitean fire.
  • Snow Globe: - 26 Sep 1991 by James Kiso
    Snow Globe -- contains a miniature universe which people can enter.
  • Snowglobes: alt.peeves - 9 Feb 1992 by Rick Gordon
    The entry of the national teams to happy worldbeat music (I guess that's what it was, the CBS entry, Team Airhead, never stopped yammering long enough to let the peasants back home actually *hear* anything happening in the stadium), the Living Snowglobes preceding each team, even the Olympic Torch (modelled after Steely Dan in _Naked Lunch_), all was Stylish.
  • snowglobe's: - 12 Sep 1997 by Mike Sphar
    But then I knew from the start that a show that retold old folk tales wouldn't have a snowglobe's chance in Citizen Kane that it would survive.
  • snow globe's (incorrect plural): - 14 Jun 2000 by Karen Horn
    I missed out on my Captain Von Trapp Lunch box, my snow globe's of the Nonberg Abbey, my "Maria" toy guitar, and my Elsa Harmonica.
  • snow globe's (uncertain use): - 5 Jul 2001 by James Squire
    It is just as plausible that the final scene was from a completely different world and that the young boy's snow globe's building just happened to look like St. Eligius.

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